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The 5 Productivity Tools You Need As An Entrepreneur



When you’re starting out in business, you have thousands of things to take care of. With limited resources in capital and manpower, it is the entrepreneur’s responsibility to get things done. It then becomes imperative for small business owners to be efficient in their daily tasks, in order to free up valuable time on the things that matter: cherishing first clients and growing the company.

These five productivity tools will give you precise, reliable ways to save time daily, for all of your entrepreneurial needs:

1. For Communication – Conferencecalling.com.

Teleconferencing is vital to any entrepreneur working with clients remotely, managing freelancers, coordinating a global workforce or sourcing international suppliers/distributors. As the business scales, more and more people from your team will need to use a conference calling service on a daily basis.

ConferenceCalling.com is an award-winning service enabling you to make conference calling without reservations. Host instant conference calls throughout the day as you need; no pre-scheduling or operator assistance is required. Conference Calling is always ready to use when you need it. The service provides you with a dedicated conference number, code, and host code. You can initiate your own calls and get the conversation started quickly and easily. With pay-per-use and unlimited pricing options, you can tailor the services to your specific business needs.

Via the web interface, you will be able to see who has joined, who is talking and share screens to offer presentations, collaboration, and more, around the globe. Conference Calling even offers customizable welcome messages and call recording. Get the 14 day risk free trial now and experience the difference Conference Calling can make to your enterprise. There is a reason the company was awarded the Top 10 Reviews’ Gold Award in ‘Best Conference Call Service’.

2. If You Want to Get Things Done – Quip.com.

Remember having to send countless email attachments to team members, clients and partners? Google Docs have clearly changed the game for word processing documents, spreadsheets, and slides. Well, Quip brings collaborative documents to the next level by merging content creation and team communication. Quip can help you with project building, removing endless emails, decision making and all-round productivity. It combines online accounts and third party integrations with software you already use (Evernote, Google Docs and social media channels) so that you are working within one interface for a variety of tasks, in one central place.

3. Make Your Words Matter – Hemingwayapp.com.

Entrepreneurs have to write an insane amount of carefully crafted content. Company blog posts, FAQs, customer emails, internal tutorials and documentations, investor updates, company presentations and brochures, etc. The list goes on and on. Believe it or not, writing quality content is no easy task.

Hemingway is a great app helping you write better content. It’s that simple. On top of the standard spell checker, the app makes suggestion to improve your text. Whether it’s to simplify a sentence, delete an unnecessary adverb, word repetitions, etc. Hemingway suggest smart edits to improve your wording so that you can make corrections on the fly.

It also offers very cool and nonetheless underused tools, such as a readability score display, a word counter, and various formatting tools.

4. Data Backup – My Cloud.

Backing up data is often overlooked by entrepreneurs, too focused on daily tasks. Yet, data loss can be dramatic for a small business, and yet easily prevented. From Western Digital, My Cloud EX2 Ultra gives you an incredible storage system with features such as Mac and Windows compatibility, including Apple Time machine.

Your content is automatically synced from all connected devices and then stored securely. Encrypted data means that your work is safe, and the integrated file sharing lets you securely share files with clients. Options include RAID enhanced performance or RAID mirrored data protection.

5. Automate Your Tasks – ifttt.com.

Non-technical founders know it all too well, workflow automation can have a huge impact on daily productivity. The good news is, you don’t need to know how to code to automate your tasks.

IFTTT allows users to connect various apps to one another, and to trigger actions based on a specific event of your choosing. It is a fantastic way to save time on your social media marketing tasks, and save time on a daily basis.