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Don’t Let Them Forget You! Key Ways To Keep In Touch With Clients



Have you ever lost an important client to a competing company? If you’re brave, you will have contacted them to ask why they stopped using your services. You would be surprised by how often clients give the same answer to this question. It will be something along the lines of “we felt like we did not have the required attention from your company.” Or “we are looking for more support from our business partner.” In fact, most won’t give a reason at all except for a dismissive response.

But you can bet it’s because they have felt they weren’t given enough focus from your business. The way to make sure this never happens again is to improve contact and client relations.

Conference Calling.

You don’t always need to meet clients face to face when they want your attention. Instead, you can set up a conference call, and this can be just as effective. We know what you’re thinking. Conference call services are too expensive for smaller businesses. Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that a conference call can now be set up and arranged for free, using select services. It’s simple, and you get a quality discussion, no matter where your clients are. This is one of the best ways to minimize costs and always maintain contact with clients.

Social Media.

You should look into how to use social media to communicate with clients and customers. If you are speaking to a current client, you can enquire about their satisfaction with your services on social media. Assuming their response is positive, this is an easy way to get some free publicity.

If you’re speaking to customers, make sure you are advertising your services to them. Deliver content that is appealing, attractive and that tells them why they should be using your business.

Live Feeds.

You may also want to consider using live feeds to connect and improve client relations. Live feeds will allow you to instantly update business clients with any new information in a modern and exciting way. You can set up a live feed on your business website quite easily with a little IT support. Recently, some social networks have also provided support for live feeds.

Holding A Business Event.

Of course, if you want to make sure your clients remember your business, the best way might be to wine and dine them. By doing this, you are treating the client like your number one priority. That’s what most business clients want; they want to feel valued rather than being forgotten. You should be doing this at least once a year with the key clients that provide a large amount of profit for your business on the market.

Call Handling.

It’s always going to be frustrating for clients when they find they can not get through to talk to you. Typically, this is because you haven’t got a call handling service, and you don’t have the staff to handle excess enquiries. You need to fix this issue as soon as possible and use an effective call handling service. That way, customers, and clients won’t be forced to wait for ages to get your attention.

Take this advice on board and you should have no issues keeping customers interested.