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Life After An Injury On The Job – Become Your Own Boss


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Having just settled a sizeable law suit after being injured on the job, you may be worried that other employers will never think of hiring someone with a history of suing their previous employers. Sometimes that may be the case. However, there are a few things you need to consider first. Are you ready to go back to the nine-to-five just yet? After all, you’ve been injured on the job and since you won your case, chances are your injuries are substantial enough that you may want to consider re-entering the work force slowly.

If you can’t work long hours or are being ostracized within your industry because of your win, why not become your own boss?

First Things First – Talk to Your Lawyer.

The bottom line is that you had an ace lawyer on the case for you who was more than instrumental in winning that big settlement. It was most likely the knowledge and expertise of your attorney that got you that big lump sum so perhaps he should be the place to turn when you are ready to go back to work, even as your own boss. If your Long Island Personal Injury Lawyer in New York helped you win against your employer, then he should be the person to seek counsel with on when it is safe to resume activities. Your doctor will be the ultimate ‘judge’ from a health perspective, but from a legal perspective, trust your winning attorney.

The Benefits of Resuming Work as Your Own Boss.

Every day there are tens of thousands of startups around the globe and there is no reason why you can’t put your settlement to work for you. Not only will every penny you make be yours, after bills and taxes that is, but you will have the upper hand on safety matters to ensure that you are not injured on the job again. You can:

  • Make your own hours
  • Decide where you want to work from
  • Employ safer and more lucrative working conditions
  • Build a future for yourself and your family
  • Bring others along with you who can be vital team members

These are just a few of the benefits to be had from being your own boss in a startup company within your industry. But you see the point here. If safety is an issue and if you are not ready to swing a 40 hour week on someone else’s schedule, then being your own boss is the ideal solution.

No one ever said that you’d be able to work fewer hours than on a nine-to-five but at least you can pick and choose your hours. If you are tired and hurting, it’s up to you as boss to give yourself a break. If you are having a particularly good day, then work more if the doctor agrees that it’s safe to do so. But here again, the bottom line is that lump sum settlement you just won. Put it to work for you because you couldn’t work for a long period of time due to injuries.

Look at it like a seed you are planting. Now it’s time to nurture it so it grows for you. That’s right, you’re the boss, so you call the shots!


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