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Why Investing In LEDs Is One Of The Smartest Decisions You Can Make For Your Business


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Every business owner or operator wants to implement cost-saving strategies for their business. Overhead expenses from electricity consumption can easily account for 40% of the business’s overhead costs. Businesses can encourage staff to improve their energy consumption habits in the workplace. However, the biggest change will come from the type of light bulb that is being used. Switching from halogen lights to LED lights can reduce energy consumption from lights by up to 80%. This dramatically reduces the business’s energy cost while helping to reduce the carbon footprint. Investing in LEDs is one of the smartest decisions a business can make. The video below shows some of the benefits of switching to LED lights.

Below are a few reasons why businesses should switch to LED lighting:

The lights are more environmentally friendly.

Traditional incandescent bulbs would waste up to 90% of the energy that they consume on heat. Additionally, they would also waste light because it would flow in all directions. LED lights can also last up to15 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

Reduces overhead costs from lighting.

The biggest benefit that will impact the bottom line for a business is the reduced cost from energy consumption. Energy-Star qualified bulbs can have an operating cost of $1 per year, compared to $3.50 for a halogen bulb and $4.80 for a traditional incandescent bulb. By changing to LED alternatives such as LED downlights, commercial premises can expect to save up to 80% on their annual electricity bill.

Improve your business’s productivity by providing well-lit areas.

The operational efficiency for a business is directly linked to the illumination of its areas. Many businesses make the mistake of overlooking lighting design when setting up working environments. Employees may find the light too harsh or too dim, making it more difficult to work effectively and reducing their satisfaction with their work environment.

Workplace health and safety risks.

Every commercial premise has a duty of care for their employees and must provide them with a work environment that is safe and doesn’t provide any risk to their health. Investing in cheaper lighting alternatives is great, however it must comply with the specifications contained in the Building Code of Australia, part F4.2 to F4.4 (Light and Ventilation). Workplace lighting should allow workers to move about easily and to carry out their work without straining their eyes. Other considerations include accounting for different workplace areas visibility given the day’s transition and the amount of light required for the nature of work.

One of the common issues that occur when DIY efforts are attempted is that it the LED bulbs may appear to dim or strobe. The work environment needs to be free from these effects.

Below is a table from Comcare, which highlights the recommended illuminance based on the activity and interior.

LED comcare

Crime prevention.

Businesses often fall victim to crime from both internal and external threats. Theft and shrinkage are the main culprits that affect businesses. As a result, business profits diminish and it impacts the business’s ability to survive. Good lighting is essential for deterring theft in commercial premises. It is important that the LED light solution that the business opts for also incorporates good lighting design across the premises so it doesn’t provide any ‘hiding spaces’ for any would-be thieves.

LED lights are an asset to any business that requires artificial lighting to operate a safe and productive work environment. Find out more about how businesses can transition from traditional lighting setups to LED lighting solutions by speaking with the experts from LEDified today!


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