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Don’t Settle For Business As Usual


By Randy Ross, author of “Remarkable!: Maximizing Results through Value Creation

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Is your organization doing business as usual? Business as usual is conventional, operating within the established norms. It’s predictable, delivering the expected. It’s comfortable, maintaining the status quo. It’s… safe! There are millions of organizations doing business as usual. But, business as usual will never be Remarkable!

Remarkable means notably or conspicuously unusual; extraordinary; worthy of note or attention. Remarkable organizations live out conspicuously unusual ideas, producing uncommon results. The effect is that those who work for and those who benefit from these elite organizations find themselves with an irrepressible desire to “remark about them.” And when others spread the word about the positive impact an organization has had, it indeed has become Remarkable!

Oliver Wendell Holmes once said, “Nothing is so common-place as to wish to be remarkable.” Yet, very few organizations do anything more than wish. They don’t know how to become Remarkable! Therefore, there is no intentionality in their pursuit. If you want your organization to be remarkable, producing remarkable results, then you have to hire remarkable people and intentionally craft a remarkable culture. After all, the culture of an organization is nothing more than a composite of the values, beliefs and behaviors that individuals bring to the endeavor. So, if you want to create remarkable, it begins in your hiring processes. Forget personality profiling and traits and tendencies assessments and hire utilizing a proven values-based instrument. Remarkable people have a different structure of value than those who are willing to settle for the usual.

What about your organization? Are you hiring for Remarkable? How can you become more effective than simply asking behavioral interview questions?


Randy Ross

Dr. Randy Ross is founder and CEO (Chief Enthusiasm Officer) of Remarkable! Randy is a “craftsman of culture and a catalytic coach,” who inspires elevated performance. A master of cultural transformation, Dr. Ross has a unique understanding of employee engagement and offers practical solutions for increasing both the morale and performance of teams. He is also author of the book, “Remarkable!: Maximizing Results through Value Creation“.