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Using Tools Like Pubsio To Monetize Your Online Creative Efforts


woman moneyIf you are an online creative, particularly someone who writes about specific niches, there are probably more chances for revenue and monetization than you are presently taking advantage of. If you have an audience, however large, chances are you could be earning a lot more money off of their online browsing activity. While this will be obvious to some, others simply don’t understand that the simple relationship between advertiser and content creator is one that can produce lots of money, depending upon which side of the relationship you find yourself and how well you do your job.

Here’s how it works. Advertisers are constantly looking places online where lots of people spend their time, attention, and money. It’s even better for an advertiser if that site or web experience is perceived as credible. Credibility, for our purposes, means that the word of the content producer is seen as somehow authoritative. If you are known for consistently contributing helpful information to one online conversation or another, and people are coming to your blog or site to seek out this information, then you already have a measure of real credibility in the eyes of at least a few people.

This is a significant event in the life of your blog, or whatever else you produce on the internet. You are developing a following. For our purposes, a following is a group of people who are like-minded in at least one respect. They’ll probably have a lot of things in common, actually. If you are producing a lifestyle blog related to the possibilities of long term travel for people who do what you do, the demographic of your following will likely be young, educated, lower-middle class, and interested in upward mobility.

Those characteristics produce certain spending behaviors in normal individuals, especially as the months and years go by. By having a stable of like-minded people (and it doesn’t have to be people with those characteristics I just described. Any common traits will do.), advertisers will see your following as a potential revenue stream. But how can you reach relevant advertisers to convince them to send you their ads and their money?

Ad networks like Pubsio are one of the answers. Advertisers are unlikely to approach you one by one, on their own. That’s simply not how advertising works. In most cases, content creators like yourself will approach ad networks like Pubsio who have a stable of vetted advertisers looking for relevant content and branding to attach their advertising efforts to. If it’s a good fit, the advertising will actually be of value to your following. It won’t seem like something tacked on just to fleece them.

This balance can be hard to strike. Just as it is difficult to produce consistently great content, it’s hard to find and maintain advertising relationships which work harmoniously with your established brand. Ad networks like Pubsio make it easier, however, as specific ad content can be tailored to the needs of your following, in terms of content, duration, and frequency. It’s hard work to get to this point, but once established, quality advertising/content relationships can pay huge dividends.


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