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Should Startups Worry About SEO?



When you launch a new business, there are many considerations you have to make. One of them will be about setting up a website for your new organisation. You might think the process is simple: buy a domain, get a host, and upload your website files.

These days setting up a new site isn’t just about putting a website online and forgetting about it. One also needs to think about the SEO side of things too. But, is SEO something startups need to worry about? In short, yes. Here’s why:

Many people seldom look past the first page of Google.

The sad fact is most Web users believe they can only get relevant results on the first page of Google. As you can imagine, if people can’t find your Web pages there, they aren’t going to find you. And if that happens, you won’t get many visitors to your site!

If you don’t SEO your website, it’s likely you won’t get many results shown on page one.

You could miss out capturing the “showrooming” market.

Showrooming is where people search online for better prices of items sold in a physical shop. They are usually in front of the products in question but use their phones to find a better deal online.

Are the products you sell cheaper than the ones sold in bricks and mortar stores? If so, you need to capture that market. An effective SEO strategy will make sure your products show up on each relevant search.

Of course, search engine optimisation can be a minefield for newbies. You might wish to consider hiring a consultant SEO to help you plan an ideal strategy for your site.

Your website could risk becoming stale.

It’s no secret that SEO is an evolving industry. Your website needs to evolve with it. Otherwise, it risks becoming out of date and irrelevant. The things you sell today might become obsolete tomorrow. To survive in business, you’ll need to replace those products with ones that are in demand.

If you have an SEO strategy in place, your techniques will evolve with any industry changes. In other words, you’ll keep getting found in Google – even with brand new product ranges.

You could risk using outdated SEO methods.

The search engine optimisation landscape constantly changes. You might use some techniques that everyone else uses today. But, in the future, how do you know those methods don’t become obsolete?

Google wants to ensure its search engine delivers the right results. They usually update their search “algorithms” on a regular basis to achieve that goal. The thing about SEO is that some of those changes can affect how you do things.

For example, years ago using the “keywords” meta tag was the done thing. Nowadays, Google ignores it because it got abused by keyword spammers. Make sure you’re not the guy (or gal) using such outdated SEO methods!

You can keep a closer eye on your competitors.

It might sound odd but SEO is useful for keeping track of what your competitors are doing. If you want to stay ahead of the game, SEO is practical in that respect.

So, will you be taking SEO more seriously now you’ve read this blog post? I hope so!


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