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How Product Images On Your E-Commerce Site Affect Your Fashion Brand’s Identity


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A lot of young entrepreneurs head for the fashion market when it comes to creating ranges of products they understand the target audience for, whether it is people who design and create their own clothing and accessories, or those who source styles for their own online boutiques.

Owning and setting up an online store that can handle the transactions with your customers and keep track of your stock is actually a fairly simple part of creating a business like this, but what can set one apart from another is how well the creator has managed to create a brand that their target demographic really engages with and wants to wear things from.

Branding and Small Fashion Businesses.

The branding of a Magento ecommerce site is everything when you are working in the fashion market, because what you are selling is style, and you are selling it in a saturated marketplace. For every great independent jewellery designer there are hundreds of others, and for every person who has created some awesome upcycled festival clothing there are dozens more on Etsy they have to grasp their customer’s attention from. When you name your brand and create your logo and website’s look and feel you are probably very aware of what your branding decisions mean, but where a lot of people fall down is on keeping it consistent with their product imagery.

Are There Really That Many Ways to Show Off a Product in a Photo?

You may think that there can’t actually be that many different ways you can show a picture of one of your products – essentially you are just taking a photograph so the potential buyer can see what it looks like, right? Well, this isn’t the case. For one thing, you have to decide whether you will show your products with or without someone wearing them. This is already a key thing. If you are going for the look of a high end jewellery store you may want to photograph your pieces on a piece of richly coloured velvet, whereas if you design quirky, fun jewellery and your brand is supposed to be personable and cute, you may prefer to show your pieces on models dressed in the kind of clothes that reflect that brand.

Also, if you do decide to use people, do you use professional models? If you are going for a wholesome, homemade vibe with your brand, then it may be better to have your real friends and family or even yourself modelling the fashions you are selling, but if you are selling designer gear, you probably aren’t going to get the right aspirational feel if you don’t have beautifully shot pictures of cool, attractive people.

Always Consider Branding.

You have a lot of choices, from interesting 360 degree models of the product through to just having it hanging on a clothesline on a sunny day, but choose a consistent photography style that matches your brand. Are you minimalist, high tech, cute, traditional, outdoorsy, or posh? Think of the adjectives that describe how your brand should be seen, and think about using them to define how you display your products – it can have a big impact!

Branding is so crucial when you are trying to get a foothold as a fashion ecommerce site, so make sure your product imagery is consistent with your vision of the brand!