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Connectivity’s Essential Guide To Online Reviews


Connectivity Essential Guide To Online Reviews

For any business, one of the greatest fears is the dreaded online customer review.  In fact, studies show that such reviews have a direct correlation with purchase intent – a positive review can boost purchase intent by 10% among potential customers while negative reviews lower intent by 11%, which goes to show that online customer reviews can impact the bottomline.

The truth of the matter is that such numbers can make or break your business, so it’s crucial for the small business owner to recognise that while online reviews are here to stay it is critical that they get a handle on it. There should be a clear and present strategy to deal with online reviews. For example, there should be a way for you to deal with negative reviews, spread or share good ones, or stop a bad review before it gets published.

If you want to know how best to control the online conversation around your business, one good place to start is Connectivity’s Essential Guide to Online Reviews for Local Businesses. It’s a simple 10-page resource, but chockfull of useful suggestions on how to leverage social media for your advantage. Within are simple tricks for turning negative reviews into a positive marketing opportunity, recommendations on online tools to get more positive reviews, and more.

So if you run a small business and value the impact of social media has on it, do yourself a favour and download that resource now.