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How Document Scanning is making Businesses more Eco Friendly



The process of document scanning refers to the effective method of converting paper documents into digital documents so that a business or company can access their important information 24/7. Scanning your documents and then having them stored in the cloud – such as those provided by the likes of Kelly’s Document Scanning – for example has proven to be a highly beneficial process that showcases a continuous stream of advantageous results such as reducing the amount of paper consumed by businesses and companies from around the globe.

Document scanning can be used with various documents such as client files, HR files, contracts and invoices etc. It is definitely the more eco-friendly option in today’s society and it will go a long way towards reducing risks to the environment, reducing your carbon footprint whilst providing a useful and effective service for all business owners.

Reduce Energy Bills.

Using electronic document scanning evidently leads to less printing being carried out in the office. This means that your business will be able to save money on energy bills. Running printers can prove to be quite expensive in the long run and by simply reducing the amount of time your company spends printing and scanning documents, you will find that electronic document scanning and storage is the more cost effective and eco friendly solution. Digital scanning allows you to have better control of your documents, enabling you to have them indexed and managed within a secure and impenetrable system.

Reduction in Paper Use.

The most obvious benefit that document scanning has to the environment is the reduced amount of paper that will be used by businesses as a result. According to www.polygongroup.com 2% of overall greenhouse gases are caused by paper consumption and this number is likely to rise in upcoming years. Electronic scans of your documents ensures a permanent solution as once they have been created, they can’t be harmed by a spilt cup of coffee or destroyed in a flood, for example.

Document scanning is an ideal storage solution as electronic backups will provide a necessary safe-guard, ensuring the constant safety and security of your important documents. Businesses that tend use a lot of paper will be interested in reducing their carbon footprint by switching to document scanning to help reduce the amount of paper that your company uses (and subsequently, the cost of paper) and helping the environment at the same time.

Decrease Ink-Usage.

Many types of ink (such as LaserJet and Inkjet) can be quite toxic to the environment. Switching to online document scanning will quickly reduce the amount of ink that your company uses on a daily basis. During the recycling process, inks can be extremely difficult to remove which can end up leaving tons of paper completely useless, unable to be properly recycled and thus leaving them redundant. According to Business2Community, online document management will help advance a business towards a paperless office which will lead to a eco-friendly office and one that will save a great deal of money on paper, stationary, photocopying and the physical transport of documents etc.