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A Quick Guide To Making Your Website Stand Out Online



If you’re reading this blog or stumbled across this website, you’re probably an online entrepreneur. You’ve got a great idea, and maybe already started your own website.

But, you’re having trouble standing out. You’re writing blogs and making connections, but you’re struggling to rise above the crowd. Don’t get disheartened. Every business starts out like this. It’s important to remember that there are millions of websites just like yours. The same old tricks won’t work. You need to think outside the box.

Let’s take a look at the techniques that will make sure you stand out:

Be different!

If you’re struggling to get heard over the noise, it’s probably because you’re not different enough. According to recent statistics, 571 new websites are created EVERY MINUTE online. That’s a staggering number of competitors to race against. That means finding a unique way to present yourself. You need an innovative business idea. Find a niche that hasn’t been filled by the biggest players yet. There are thousands of online marketing blogs out there. What makes yours different?

Find a voice.

The biggest websites rise because readers connect with the voice and the ethos of the company. Take Vice Media, for example. They were the first website to pursue news with a dark, sharp edge to it. They stood out from the millions of other news blogs out there, because they had a style and a voice. Now they’re a multi-billion dollar media empire. Show your personality. Use a unique style, and be honest.


Now that we’ve covered the starting points, it’s time to get into the technical aspects. Your first job is rising above the millions of websites around you. That means giving your website’s foundations a strong head start. The biggest websites in the world get about half their traffic from search engines. You need to start pulling in big numbers from search results. Which means integrating a powerful SEO strategy. Use content, metadata, and link building techniques to get Google’s attention, and prove your worth.

Content and social media.

Content and social media is the best possible method of website promotion for new website owners. It’s an easy way to reach your target audience and connect with them. Best of all, you can do it without a big marketing budget. It can feel slow when getting started. But, once the wheels start turning, you’ll create a snowball effect. Focus your energy on just one social media platform to start with. Use compelling content to draw your viewer’s attention and build a community.


For the impatient among you, there is always an alternative. That alternative is online advertising. You can pay to reach new customers quickly and effectively. We think Facebook ads are one of the best ways to promote your business online. They generate long-term customers in a very specific niche. Try it for yourself; you’ll slowly get your voice heard.

Standing out among the crowd of internet entrepreneurs is no easy task. Remember, you’re competing against millions of others. But, follow this advice, and you’re onto a good start.