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Hosted PBX, A Revelation In Telecommunications Technology


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Telephonic technology has gone several notches high with the arrival of Hosted PBX. This business telecommunication technology is gradually taking the world by storm. All kinds of business ranging from small to medium size can have an advanced telephone system. Hosted PBX solution is cost effective and more economical. It doesn’t involve large scale capital investment as in case with telephone equipment. This business phone mechanism is designed to ensure core business communication. Each and everything should be streamlined which is likely to save time, effort and money. Reliability, scalability and flexibility would lead to enhanced productivity providing unparalleled peace of mind.

With Hosted PBX phone service, the full telephone system is maintained and operated by a VOIP service provider. It is a mechanism which enables employees to accomplish their tasks from home, hotel or similar establishments. However, they’d still remain connected to the similar office telephonic system. It would be possible to puts calls on hold, transfer calls, set up conference calls, etc. At the same time, it would be possible to have the device answered by an auto attendant. This attendant would just direct the callers to different departments. Hiring a telecommunications consultant can be a very worthwhile investment if you are in that business sector.

Irrespective of company size, location, and total employees, the VOIP or voice over IP system is suitable for businesses. With a hosted PBX service, the telephone system would be operated by a host or service provider. It can complete work with the existing telephone service or just replace it. It can be used fine enough across mobile phone and landline platform. It’s high time when people should consider a shift from the traditional phone lines. People using the same old telephones lines for over 5 or 10 years should welcome the change.

There are times when people need to spend on support charges or configuration changes. Similarly, people may feel the need to freely manage, add or subtract extensions within the system. At present, a business may be conducting operations out of single or multiple places. In these circumstances, striving to look professional for a better interaction is necessary. People are more often required to call up which becomes really easy with hosted PBX system installation. Users enjoy crystal clear voice clarity with this hosted PBX service delivering both secure and reliable network.

Due to the level of flexibility available, it makes the way quite easy. For instance, when a customer dials a toll free number or even a local number, this call is either answered by an automated greeting or your receptionist. It is also possible to have multiple receptionists in various geographical locations to answer incoming calls. In some cases, the receptionist might be unavailable where the automated greeting does the job of answering a phone call. At this juncture, customers are free to choose to dial any extension, listen product information, specific department, etc. They can also use the options of dialing by the name directory.

Broad Connect is a well-established company offering Hosted IBX services. All of the IP telephonic system, VoIP maintenance, equipment, support, updates and installation requirements would be taken care of under a single roof. Their fully fledged VOIP solutions are very easy to use and value for money. It would lead to predictable communication charges and free of cost interoffice calling. This is more of managed service which eliminates the requirement for on-site technical resources and maintenance contracts.

There are numerous reliability benefits such as expert engineering and network planning. With this mechanism in full swing, disaster recovery is automatic and instantaneous. There is also a smooth removal of the proprietary equipment. The regularly planned services feature different types of enhancements. Users are getting a sophisticated network technology of new generation without large scale investment. There is also no need for onsite technical resources. It would be multi office or multi service combined billing which means a single bill for multiple locations.

Hosted PBX solutions allow business to whole heartedly focus and concentrate on taking the next big step. There is smooth and hassle free business communication allowing each department to stay in touch with others. It may lead to dramatic boost in overall productivity through increased efficiency. Users will have the highest level of communication at a reasonable price through this multi platform application.