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SEO: Quality, Not Quantity, Is The Order Of The Day



What do we do when we want to drive targeted traffic to our websites? We resort to knocking the door of real guest blogs that invite high quality content. Considering how priceless good writing is, there is no denying that it can take a particular website to peaks of unparalleled success.

Well, needless to say like everything under the sun, this piece of art is also being exploited to its extremities, resulting in content that is not only repetitive but also disengaging and of poor quality. So, why does a high quality blog disapprove your content?

Research by http://www.lafreshseo.com reveals the following flaws:

  • The same blog post being offered several times which can be easily found by software such as copyscape
  • The same content being modified in different ways, but keeping to the original frame.
  • Submitting a guest article mindlessly for the sake of a free back link.
  • Not caring for what the real audience expects.
  • Solely depending on Search Engine Optimisation and not catering to readability of content.

Owing to the abuse of guest blogs, Google has penalized websites that hardly do any kind of value-addition to the system and leave the readers with a bitter aftertaste by unleashing various updates in their ranking algorithms. So, how will you escape from this post penguin, panda, dinosaur, whatsoever animal that big G unleashes against the guest blogging services?

  • Instead of writing for lesser known sites, it is a better idea to settle down for well-known websites that hold an authoritative position in the virtual market. This helps in establishing a hold and leads to better brand awareness.
  • While building a community, it is very essential to know what the audience is expecting. Choosing the right topic and contributing the right amount of knowledge and insights helps a good deal in acquiring referral traffic.
  • Targeting back links has lost its reputation because of abuse and spam, but it is not a bad idea if utilized to its true potential. One’s approach needs to be moulded in accordance to the reader’s expectations.
  • The aim of a post should not be limited to just the number of words that have been asked to cover, but should be all-encompassing and to be filled with accurate information.
  • One can’t get creative enough when it comes to guest post blogging. The key to converting your readers into potential customers is to give them a content that invites the reader to share.The targeted audience should not only be the ones who have been reading you but also the ones who have not been reading you.
  • Research and more research. Be it a topic, an idea, a subtitle or an interjection; it always helps to remain updated with what is selling at the moment. If a particular blog has an active audience and is being followed well on social networking sites, it is a good place to begin with.

There is a very famous saying by an eminent author, Maya Angelou, that “When you know better, you do better”. This is pertinent to the current status of guest post service. The key to targeted traffic is always by providing original and authentic content, rather than a shabby one!