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Create The Perfect Twitter Header Image With These 8 Tips



By Sarah Matista, Marketing Communications Manager, Pagemodo

From websites and advertisements to Pinterest boards and Facebook cover photos, brands can occupy almost any space on the Internet. Often overlooked, however, is the Twitter header image, which is actually one of the largest pieces of branding real estate to work with. So why not make your company’s Twitter presence stand out with a well-designed header image?

Well-known companies can be found all over the Twitter-sphere sporting header images that promote their brands in a variety of ways. To find the best way to present your brand, think about how these eight tips can be applied to your company’s Twitter profile.

1. Keep it simple.

If your brand is already well known and recognizable, you don’t need to bombard your Twitter followers with an overpowering header image. A simple image can be a great way for your brand to stand out and make a statement, as customers don’t need an over-the-top header to differentiate your brand. A minimal image can be the perfect way to direct visitors’ attention to the company name and logo, rather than the header image.

2. Create a call to action.

You put a lot of energy into daily tweets or Facebook posts telling your audience about current promotions. Support those efforts by using your Twitter header photo to promote your campaign! Call users to your website or an in-store promotion simply by creating a fun, visual representation of a hashtag or product in your image. Applebees used this approach for their #BestSummerEverSweeps.

3. Show off your top seller.

Don’t be afraid to show off a little of what makes you you! Consider featuring one standout image to grab visitors’ attentions and represent your brand at a glance. Your top-selling product obviously reflects your brand and what your customers love about it, so use it as a visual to keep visitors on your profile just a bit longer.

4. Lay it all out.

If your brand is known for a specific product, but you’d like your audience to know more about the others you offer, try laying out your products to take one all-inclusive photo. Like a collage, showcasing more than one product can be beneficial for a multipurpose brand. Switch up the multiple photo approach by showcasing your range of products in one clear snapshot, letting your customers see the rest of the products you offer. To further add value, use images of people engaging with your products. People like feeling connected to a brand and are more likely to remember products this way.

5. Communicate updates.

Your Twitter header image can easily act as your promotional platform. Introduce your business’ new products or features in a simple, standout way. Car companies, such as Ford, use this approach frequently. And because Twitter header images aren’t permanent, you can replace them monthly or whenever new products are released.

6. Harness the hashtag.

Let’s face it, hashtags are the best part of Twitter. Your brand’s hashtag is the number one thing that can set you apart from others in the Twitter feed. Whether it’s a fun approach to a product you offer, a serious and straightforward campaign or even one that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, users will know your brand from its hashtag. So use your hashtag’s power and create a header image that reflects it. A bold, colored background showcasing your hashtag can bring some serious attention to your profile and might even encourage visitors to use the hashtag more.

7. Keep it consistent.

When working with your header image, one thing to keep in mind is that your Twitter account is still a part of your overall brand. Keeping the brand images consistent across all platforms keeps your brand familiar and recognizable. Feel free to play around with the colors or size, but don’t stray too far from the rest of your current designs. Kate Spade New York is a great example of using consistent images on both Twitter and Facebook accounts.

8. Include customers.

What better way to show the value of your brand than by featuring positive customer reviews? Lyft has used this approach quite often. Create a Twitter header image including a quote from a loyal customer describing what they like best about your products or sharing a positive experience they’ve had with your company. This is a great way to show close relationships between a brand and its customers.

Hopefully these eight header image tips have inspired the artist in you to create a new and engaging Twitter header image. Just remember to show off your brand’s personality to engage your followers and grow your audience.


sarah matista

Sarah Matista is the marketing communications manager for Pagemodo, a popular social marketing suite part of the digital services business of Vistaprint. In addition to managing inbound and outbound marketing activities for the social tools offering, she also oversees content marketing strategy for all of Vistaprint’s digital services business.


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