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[Infographic] Anatomy Of A Great Business Team

The success of any company is wholly dependent on the individuals that make up the team behind the business.

But what makes a good team in business is as much debated as it is in sport – what is that right mix of individuals with the right skill sets, traits and values that determine a great business team? For example, it is argued that for a startup you need just six people – the expert, the doer, the leader, the industry veteran, the sales person and the accountant. Does that ring true in your startup?

This infographic from¬†Unum¬†explores the core characteristics of what makes a great business team, such as excellent communication skills, a shared vision and mutual respect. If you’re putting together a new team or tweaking your current one, you may want to look at the tips within.

[Infographic credit: Unum]


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