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Bring A Library On Vacation With An eBook App


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If you’re going away this summer, it’s possible that you’re already creating lists of the holiday essentials that you need to pack. You’ve probably already thought about your sunscreen, your swimsuit and all your toiletries, but have you considered what you’re going to do while you’re away? Unless you’re filling all of your time climbing mountains or doing water sports, it’s likely that you’re going to have a lot of down time that you could fill by getting lost within a good book.

For ultimate relaxation, there is really nothing better than spending an afternoon lounging by the pool with a great story, or sunbathing on the beach with your favourite characters coming to life before you; what about those hours spent in the air travelling to your vacation? A book ought to be on your list of holiday essentials — but fitting all of your favourite paperbacks into your suitcase could dramatically reduce the space for your other items. Unless you can fit them all on your phone or tablet with a free audio book app. As Tom’s Guide suggests, an audio book is the perfect way to take literature with us anywhere that we want to go.

Let Your Device Read You a Story.

The Diane Rehm Show have recently reported on the phenomenon that is the audio book coming full circle — from the time in the late 90s when book stores sold audio books on cassette tapes, through to the $1.2 billion industry of digital downloads and audio books apps that thrives today. Audio books are rising in popularity once again, and it’s clear to see why. The audio book app has a series of key benefits that make them perfect for both life at home and time away on vacation.

With a lot of authors fronting their audio book and reading it themselves, they can provide a more intimate experience of the story that is being told — with the reader enunciating the right words, conveying the right expression and expressing emotion that cannot be conveyed as easily through the traditional printed word. Alternatively, the audio book ensures that all stories are accessible to everyone — even if they are not the strongest reader. The Wall Street Journal have also commented on this effect, mentioning that the changes and advancements in digital technology have extended the range of listeners to include anyone who owns a smartphone, no matter how busy they may be in their daily lives, or how strong a reader they are.

By joining the ranks of individuals who have already joined the audio book trend and downloading a free audio books app such as the Nook, you will be able to conveniently access thousands of titles at the tips of your fingers, from anywhere in the world, which makes it the perfect vacation companion. Through your phone or tablet, this app will allow you to purchase audio versions of books from your favourite authors and store them in your files on that device, so that they don’t take up any space in your hotel, apartment, villa or most importantly — your suitcase, but instead sit comfortably within the device waiting for you to listen at your leisure. Nook ensures that taking hundreds of your favourite books on holiday won’t make you overstep your airline baggage allowance.

Great Opportunities.

Utilizing an audio book app while you’re on vacation will allow you to listen to the trials and tribulations of the Stark family in George R. R. Martin’s “Game of Thrones” by the pool, help you to follow the journey of Harry Potter while wandering through a foreign city, enable you to learn a series of new skills by downloading a self-help title while waiting for a guided tour, or you can experience the true story of some of the world’s most inspiring people through selecting a biography to accompany you on a walk along the marina. No matter what type of holiday you go on — be it sun and sea or snow and ski — there’s a story out there that will heighten your experience and help you relax in between your activities.

A free audio book app will also allow you to search for and discover new authors, new genres and styles of books — opening your literary world at the same time as you are opening your eyes to a new part of the world, for a fraction of the price of buying paper or hard backed titles at your book store.

Make Vacations Better.

By adding an audio book app to your list of summer vacation essentials, you will be able to widen the world of literature in the most convenient way possible, meaning that all you have to do to hear fascinating stories from a base anywhere in the world is make sure that you don’t forget your headphones and your charger!


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