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[Infographic] The Ideal Musicians For The Workplace


You cannot book world class musicians to play in your office. For one thing, they would never turn up! But, that doesn’t mean you cannot bring them into the office period. All you have to do is a bit of research to find out who are the ideal musicians for the office.

Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams is a pure entertainer, and Rock DJ is one of his most entertaining tunes. It is incredibly catchy and a great sing-along-song.

Billy Joel

The man has a plethora of hits, from Piano Man to She’s Always a Woman. What makes an artist like Billy perfect for the workplace are his hits. A lot of variety means there are songs for everyone, and the office is the complete mix of musical style and taste.


It is all about setting the mood, and no one sets the mood quite like Chris Martin and co. Their whole discography is set around melodic and rhythmic tones, which is great for background noise.

The Beatles

What better band to play in the office than the best band that has ever lived? Maybe not one their most notorious songs, Taxman is a feel good song all the way. There is no better way to spend the day than criticising the person who takes money out of your pocket!

There are plenty more to choose from, the above are just some of the favourites. If you need a bit of inspiration, this infographic is just what you need:

Infographic [Infographic credit: theworkplacedepot.co.uk]