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Coupon Websites – How Smart Sellers Are Maximizing ROI


Couponing Websites

Online retailers have leveraged coupon sites to bring extensive reach and positive results, yet there are some considerations to expand ROI satisfaction. Coupon sites help to promote online business by driving brand awareness and sales. These sites have broad access to user bases that helps to achieve your target. Coupons are no longer limited to the Sunday paper. Customers are availing them in every way they can, and online discounts have become new face of couponing. If you have an online store and running a cost per pay campaign, coupon websites will surely help you to increase sale and traffic to your site. To take benefits of promotional marketing campaigns, you have to figure out exactly what you need and how you work to manage your business with coupon sites.

Who Gets Benefit of Coupon Websites?

Online retailers have grasped the idea of affiliate marketing and are employing it too. However, to achieve real benefits, these considerations are inevitable.

a. Look for whether your brand is associated with discounts and deals otherwise working with coupon sites would not prove fruitful.

b. Selling commodity products that have a lot of competition and discounts is preferable for driving sales.

c. A global brand with both online and brick-and-mortar stores can make your business rewarding by increased commission of coupon websites.

d. Single channel retailers and merchants can work with coupon sites to examine pricing strategy.

e. Many businesses with high seasonal sales can enhance their sale working with coupon sites.

What Are Benefits of Hiring Affiliates?

Joining coupon website includes many benefits but here we are mentioning some important rewards.

a. Coupon websites like LavishCoupon.com provide a social platform to upgrade your brand and advertise it to local as well as international community.

b. Offering coupons websites create awareness of your product.

c. Affiliate Managers work to induce new customers and revive the old ones.

d. Affiliate Teams work diligently to make visitors permanent customers.

What Are Requirements of Successful Affiliate Program Working with Coupon Sites?

Benefits might be definite with coupon websites but sharp management is required to meet the desired marketing goals. Following are tips to bring up a successful affiliate program with coupon sites:

• Good Management of Affiliate Needs and Merchant Needs

The best way to leverage your promotional project is to work closely and manage good relations between your needs and merchant’s need. This will allow you to learn more choices, enhance your campaign and ensure your goals. For above average results, you have to update your content, give them incentives and timely directions.

• Select Your Partners

Working with hundreds of coupon sites to get the result could be tedious. Choice of right partners and placements ensures over investing and spreading of marketing efforts too thick. Working with innovative and responsive partners that have account managers can focus on results.

• Bring up Transparency and Accessibility

To build a successful relationship with a coupon site, you must have to work to access transparency and accessibility. Adjust your commission structure to reward your partner but avoid paying out large commission on cart based traffic.

a. For large group of affiliates, blended attribution model work perfectly. It looks at proportional values of marketing activities.

b. For specific orders an individual order attribution model may work. It is based on specific behavior and different rates.

• Quick Response by Tracking and Increment

A tracking platform is necessary to access a holistic view of your sales providing a cross channel attribution. Proper attribution model can show you increasing margin and allow you to understand how coupon sites are supporting your sales and improving your bottom line.

• Regular Update

You must keep your offers updated and fresh, so you can get more benefit from it. Bring some new offers to attract customers and give high average order value. Adding and removing your offers actively prove more rewarding.

• Fix Problems

Affiliate managers must establish compliance and should be clear in fixing problems. There must not be any financial conflict between two. An efficient way is to check the pages of your large partners once a week for any inconvenience.

• Give Rewards

Set your commission with coupon sites to build a successful relationship. Retailers are always conscious of commission and rewards to the value of promotional activity and the customer.


The halting impression of coupons sites brings uncertainty among affiliate programs. They fear coupon sites may damage their brand, not expand new customers or may not be rewarding revenue. Many efforts are required on the part of merchants to avail exposure of traffic without squaring off brands and benefits. The above mentioned measures will surely lead to a prosperous affiliate program. In fact with a little out of box thinking, coupon affiliates can be used creatively to support a specific marketing campaign.


  1. Coupon webs promote and advertise the brand while not
    damaging the brand reputation as long as they are fully being operated. There
    are coupon websites those are brand their-selves and have created TOMA for
    their traffic!

  2. The Affiliate programs offered by coupons sites is a nice way to get more people Enrolled and get rewarded for their referrals. This way, new Users(shoppers) comes in to buy and the Brands/Retailers also get a chance to promote their product with ease. Excellent post!

  3. My experience as an affiliate manager makes me second the
    idea of not having too many websites on the plate. To avoid confusion, it is
    important that you stick with quality providers who show good ethics and have a
    developed system for problem solving. I strongly agree with the point that better
    management needed on the both sides.

    • When you are going for coupon website than there a lot of websites that are attracting the visitors/customer from different areas like social media, search engine organic traffic, Paid traffic, rebate websites etc. These are More than enough :). How will you manage/Monitor all these websites ?


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