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Why Companies Should Develop Apps To Reach Their Customers


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Mobile apps are a big deal these days, and with more and more traffic to companies’ web presences coming from smartphones and tablet devices, it is clear that the businesses who take their mobile websites and services seriously are the ones primed to gain the most success.

Whatever the size of your business and whatever your industry, making it possible for your customers and marketing prospects to interact with you easily from their mobile devices is going to pay dividends.

The Difference Between Apps and Mobile Friendly Sites.

There are essentially three ways you can reach your customers through their mobile phones or tablets:

  1. You can create an app that can be installed on the device and accessed instantly without a browser.
  2. You can have a mobile version of your usual website.
  3. You can use responsive web design so that your standard website automatically optimises the way it is displayed when it is viewed on a mobile device.

According to ecig advertising agency Eventige, using responsive web design or having a mobile site is the bare minimum needed to make a web presence suitable for the mobile age. Apps are often used in addition to mobile friendly sites because they can offer further benefits to both the customer and the business that has produced them.

The Benefits of Apps.

Apps allow customers to access the services the business provides instantly from their device’s home screen, rather than loading up a website through the device’s browser. This makes it far easier for people to tap in to these services quickly when they are on the go with their mobile devices, and also means that there is a branded element on their home screen reminding them of the business every time they look at it – strengthening brand awareness. Apps can also do things like work with some of the native resources on the phone or tablet, such as its camera and GPS functionality. This can allow an app to do things a website cannot.

When Does a Business Need an App Rather Than a Responsive Website?

Developing an app can offer a lot of benefits, but it can also require quite a large budgetary commitment, so it is important to make sure that an app really is the best option before going ahead with app development. An app is most beneficial when you have services that your customers are likely to want to use very regularly, or you want to offer services that make more sense in a native app than on a website, perhaps because they can interact nicely with the device’s tools and resources. Apps can be used for marketing reasons too, for example you can offer a branded game or tool app that is free for your customers as a promotional item, while offering all of your usual business services or products through a responsive site people can link to through the app.

If you are unsure about whether the best way for your business to go mobile is with a site or an app (or both), it makes sense to talk to a professional web design and app development company, who will be able to work with your requirements and goals to identify the best solution for you.