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[Infographic] 8 CEOs Who Made Their Fortune Before They Were 30

Youth is no barrier to entrepreneurship, as the likes of Mark Zuckerberg – who founded Facebook at the tender age of 20 – has shown. We’ve seen how many have followed his footsteps; and there have been many who have paving their own way to making their fortunes since. From those who have similarly founded their own startups such as Nick D’Aloisio of Summly and Mashable’s Pete Cashmore, or who first found fame on YouTube such as Michelle Phan, these young entrepreneurs are making their own mark on the world.

Here’s an infographic that looks at the achievements of D’Aloisio, Cashmore, Phan, and five others like them:

8 CEOs Who Made Their Fortune Before They Were 30

[Infographic credit: Essay.Expert]


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