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Have You Just Started Your First Business? Here Is Some Expert Advice



Anyone who has recently started their first business should be commended for using some intelligence. While others are content with working for established brands, you have decided that you want to try something a little more impressive. It’s important to note that almost 50% of new companies fail within the first twelve months. That means you’ll have to work fast to put the right processes in place and ensure your success.

Some expert advice wouldn’t go amiss, and so that is what you will get from us this afternoon. We’re not trying to discourage innovation, but you should stick to ideas that have been proven to work while your business is still vulnerable. You can try some more obscure and savvy methods once things are a little more stable.

Stick to your business plan.

You will have created a detailed business plan before registering your new firm. That plan should have contained all the details about how you intend to make money. It should also have included a growth strategy. Unless there is no other choice, deviating from your business plan is a bad move. A lot of research went into creating those ideas, and so you shouldn’t change them without good reason.

Outsource as much as possible.

Outsourcing is one of the best ways to perform extra tasks without the need for extra employees. No matter which jobs your processes might involve, there will be specialist companies out there that could help. Just make sure you consider the cost of outsourcing. While it is acceptable to make a lower profit when using that technique, you need to know for certain that it isn’t going to be too expensive.

Work on branding.

Deciding on standard branding elements for your business is essential if you want to become a household name. You need to choose the best colors and fonts to represent your business. They will be used on your website, logo, and any other materials you produce. It’s also wise to stick to standard branding ideas when creating packaging for your products. If that is something you don’t want to handle in-house, you can order custom boxes at www.boxcoop.com or similar online suppliers to package your products.


  1. I want to start my own business and had no idea where to start. My team and I are in month one of planning so we’re doing a lot of research. However, there’s just so much out there that we get confused. Your article was short, sweet, and to the point! I didn’t even know about the outsourcing tip! I always thought it would cost more so I never looked at it from that angle. Thanks for the awesome article! I’ll definitely check out your links for that business plan!

  2. Having recently started my own business, I’m looking for advice to help me avoid the pitfalls of a new company. Keeping to my business plan has been difficult for me because of the constantly changing environment of my field. I appreciate you stressing the importance of not deviating from my initial plan and will follow your advice. Thanks for the information and I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  3. This article has a ton of useful information for starting a business. The best advice I have gotten was to be quick to fire and slow to hire when it comes to scaling your company. I would be careful when it comes to outsourcing, but that also depends on the industry in which you are working in. Also, Having a business plan is important with a business but be sure you allow yourself some pivot room. For example, I know a few people that have built six-figure businesses on the Amazon platform. Amazon is constantly changing their rules and regulations which sometimes causes the people that sell goods on that platform to pivot their business. The last thing that I would be sure to let a person know that is thinking about starting their own business is you can get a lawyer on retainer or you could just open a legalzoom account and get the legal advice you need.

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