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Upgrading Your Laptop (For Cheap)


microsoft surface 2

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 has been receiving a tremendous amount of buzz lately. The tablet/laptop combination’s been hailed as a solution for the young professional who needs a highly portable device in order to be able to work in any situation but needs the storage capacity and hardware capabilities that a laptop offers. It’s just the latest in a string of exciting new tech releases, including Apple’s new watch, coming out this year and hitting stores.

But as a young professional, chances are high that you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford to blow a thousand dollars on a new computer right off the bat. Whether you’re loyal to a particular company or just looking for something to replace your old tech, it’s important to find the balance between budgeting and managing to find hardware that will fit your needs as a professional.

Taking the First Steps.

If you’re desperate to replace your laptop, everyone knows how easy it is to be tempted by low prices on the market. But a low priced laptop isn’t always a good laptop.

First off, you’ll want to consider what you need from a new laptop. Consider what you’ll be using it for- someone who just need a laptop for getting online and using a word processor will have very different needs than a graphic design artist who occasionally likes to game once in a while (but don’t we all).

Consider the amount of memory and specs you’re looking for. Never settle for less if you can help it. But don’t go overboard. While it may be tempting to buy a laptop with 800 GB of storage, it may not be what you realistically need right now. Try to figure out exactly what you’ll be using your device for- work, fun, or both- and you’ll be one step closer to figuring out the best tech solution for you.

There are a few things you’ll also want to ask yourself before you buy a new device, namely a laptop. There are thousands of laptops out there on the market right now and for someone who’s not tech savvy, it can be hard to tell what the right choice will be for you.

Consider the operating system that the laptop runs, the weight of it, and connectivity options.


Once you understand the kind of device you’re looking for, you’ll be able to compare prices and models on the market more effectively. Consider the pros and cons of each device you look at and always make sure to read reviews and listen to feedback from people who have had experience with a device you’re considering- nothing’s more telling than an honest consumer review.

And always consider your own personal budget. If a laptop is something you’ll be using on a daily basis, it’s worth paying a little extra for something that you know will last.

If you’re concerned about your own budget, consider visiting a coupon site like Frugaa.com!. By searching for coupons for, say, the Microsoft Store, it’ll be even easier for you to shave off the price on laptops you’re considering.

Buying the Device.

Buying a new laptop can be a pricey endeavor. But trusting that you’ve done your research and you’ve got a clear budget in mind, a new laptop can almost pay for itself if you’re using it day after day. Just be smart about your budget capacities and what you’re looking for. As a young professional, having a functional laptop or computer is more imperative than ever. So don’t settle for less. A functional laptop is better than having to work around with a virtual lemon.


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