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Increasing Twitter Followers And Retweets


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These days social media is all the rage – individuals and businesses are using social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, whether paid or free versions, to make their personal and professional lives easier.

But what’s Twitter? It’s an online social social networking service through which users can read or write messages called “tweets”. If it sounds like an extremely simple concept, it is – but it already has a huge impact on the world, from being used as the choice for marketing messages by companies to being the only means of communication during social revolutions in some parts of the world.

But unlike many other networking sites, to follow someone on Twitter does not require a request to be sent and approval received. So you may easily follow anyone on Twitter, whether they are any kind of celebrity, a brand or even a regular individual with a voice. In this way, anybody with an authoritative voice on Twitter can steadily accumulate followers who are interested in what they have to say.

But for those who use Twitter for a more commercial purpose, growing their audience becomes imperative. While Twitter does not charge for using their service, there are those who would pay to acquire followers so that they have a wider reach for their specific purpose, such as promoting their business. But aside from growing their numbers organically through engaging their customers, some of these individuals or brands would look at finding the most economical and effective way to grow their numbers and they may even choose to buy Twitter followers.

28-year old artist SAKSHI shares her experience buying Twitter followers. “I wanted to capture the whole market to promote my paintings and sculptures. We needed a source through which we can reach to as many people within a stipulated time,” she said. “One of my friends suggested that I go use Twitter to promote my business.”



She registered for an account on Twitter and after posting a number of her paintings and sculptures she managed to amass over 500 followers in just a few days. But it didn’t quite meet her expectations. Then she found out she could buy Twitter followers.

“I approached one such site, www.twitterfollowerstrend.com, and placed an order to buy 55,000 followers. At the time I wasn’t quite sure if they would be able to fulfill my requirements – were those actually real followers? – but thankfully my order was fulfilled and the site provides real and targeted Twitter followers with full data authenticity and confidentiality.”

“And in case you already have lot of followers but they do not engage with your tweets then you can buy retweets as well,” she added.

SAKSHI says she’s aware that there are many sites that do not provide real Twitter followers, and added that those who choose to grow their audience this way need to check vigorously the credibility of these sites.

While there are those who decry the practice of buying a social media audience, for individuals and businesses who find that organic growth can be limiting to their social media reach there are services that can help to give them a leg up.



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