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Making The Most Of Windows For Business Start-ups


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In the midst of the hustle and bustle of starting a new business, few would begrudge these entrepreneurs for failing to consider what type of window treatments are going to line their offices. With business plans, forecasts and everything else on the table – it’s something that often falls to the bottom of the pile.

However, if you can take a moment to consider this issue, the benefits that they can promote are fantastic. We’re talking about improved productivity, better staff morale and even some security advantages. Furthermore, all of this can be done on a budget – contrary to what some so-called experts might tell you.

It’s worth mentioning at this point that if you do go the full way, investing in a full set of blinds for your office can get expensive. It can be tempting to buy the very latest technologies, which offer some distinct benefits, but at the same time this is probably not suitable for most start-ups out there. Instead, a budget approach is required, and this doesn’t have to mean that you lose out too much.

We’ll start by addressing some of the common issues that blight the office environment. Most of them feature a large amount of glazing and this means that during the summer at least, they can become ovens. They become impossible to work in, simply because sunlight is directly shining straight through those gaping windows.

Another problem focusses around computer screen glare. This issue is becoming so common that the phrase should probably feature in some sort of dictionary, yet most small businesses just decide to live with it. When glare hits the screen it doesn’t just hurt your eyes, it means that your employees are unable to work at optimum efficiency.

Then, there’s a privacy perspective. It might not apply to every business’ premises out there, but for some it’s a big problem. With thousands of dollars’ worth of computer equipment and important documents lying around, the last thing you need is for people passing by to be staring in.

All of these problems could be comfortably resolved with a big budget. The industry has presented the likes of solar shades, motorized blinds and countless other technologies that are designed to protect our eyes from sunlight, whilst not stopping it from entering the room completely.

On a budget, it’s time to get creative. Blackout blinds could be one solution, but it’s here that you’ll lose all of your sunlight and subsequently make everyone work under the uncomfortable rays of synthetic lights. However, one technology which doesn’t have to be expensive yet solves all of the above problems are top-down bottom-up shades. This just describes the mechanism which is used to control the blinds, with the shades being able to be pulled up from the bottom, or down from the top.

The above means that you can cover various segments of the window, whilst still protecting your privacy and allowing natural light to flow into the building. Furthermore, this functionality can be combined with a whole host of different blind types. Whether its blackout blinds, Venetian blinds or anything else – you can start your business and take advantage of all of the features that the big corporations do, at a fraction of the cost.