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5 Unusual Start-Up Ideas For The Driven Entrepreneur


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In the ever-changing, always-evolving world of entrepreneurship, one hard truth remains consistent: you have to be different to be successful. Whether it’s taking something popular and giving it a unique twist or creating something completely original and brilliant, entrepreneurs rarely make it unless their business concept has something unusual about it.

As such, the list of five ideas below shouldn’t be read as an exclusive list, but rather as a starting point from which to begin considering what your unusual factor could be.

1. A Telephone Company.

With general discontent with the major ‘telcos’ being widespread, now is the perfect time to run a local, high-quality company that offers telecommunication products and solutions to clients. A telco provider, you ask? You’d be surprised – thanks to telecommunications wholesale providers like Telcoinabox it’s actually surprisingly easy to start and operate a business of this nature as just about everything is provided for you in a neat package.

2. A YouTube Channel.

If you have the drive and resources to create outstanding video content, you can make a healthy income from advertising on YouTube or other video hosting websites. Because the online community is drenched in an overabundance of different channels, it’s crucial that you find some kind of niche to fit into – small enough for you to distinguish yourself but large enough to attract a decent audience.

3. An App.

With so many people attached to their phones and tablets, the app store has become a significant market place where a lot of new entrepreneurs are kicking off their commercial journeys. It can be hard to come up with something that hasn’t already been done, but if you can, you’ll have a high chance of profit, which can make it easier to branch out into other business directions.

4. An Escape Room.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is a breakout into more reality-based entertainment. With the need for entertainment options for young and older adults, escape rooms have become a huge phenomenon throughout Asia and are now branching into the rest of the world. You could take advantage of this concept’s adolescence and get in early, possibly even being the first escape room business in your city.

5. A Mobile Business.

The idea of having services and/or products delivered straight to your door is something that people have now become used to. If customers can get something without having to leave their home and journey to a busy shopping centre, for example, they often don’t mind paying a little extra for the convenience. If there’s a service in your local area that hasn’t been made mobile by anyone, and has the potential to be mobile, this could be an excellent business opportunity.

As an entrepreneur, you almost certainly have some fantastic ideas already floating around in your head. Hopefully something from this list has either inspired you or unlocked your own brilliant concept for an exciting new business. Just remember: something people want or need, combined with an unusual selling point or point of difference, has been a recipe for success for countless entrepreneurs in the past, including people who are now the owners or founders of some of the world’s most well-known brands.


  1. I like the idea with the escape rooms. It will not cease to be popular in a thousand years, because people will always need impressions. The main thing is that these impressions are qualitative.
    Good escape rooms are made by 1 professional from Russia. Here is his site – superengineer.ru Everything is quality, fast and not so expensive, as if you take a franchise.

  2. I had no idea it could be easy to start a telco business. Aren’t there some regulations in the US as to what Zip codes / areas you can implement your solution in? (Provided you were talking about the US 🙂 )

    I also love the idea of escape rooms. That’s something people might be needing more and more in this fast pace world we live in.


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