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Dubai: Top Pick For Graduate Entrepreneurs



There’s a big reason why Dubai has seen a significant increase in the number of students enrolling in this city’s universities and private schools. It has been undergoing rapid economic growth and it’s one of the best locations in the world for graduates who are intending to become business entrepreneurs.

The UAE is now recognized as having one of the world’s fastest growth rates and students studying here have access to business creation opportunities unlike anywhere else in the world. Before looking up programs like a Master of Arts in Arabic, Master of Urban Planning, or Master of Science in Accounting online – take a look at what’s on offer.

Popularity of Dubai universities.

Almost 11,000 students graduated from higher education institutes in this city in the last year and universities have stated that they’ve seen a 9.4% increase in enrolments on the previous year. This increase is seen as a reflection of city’s buoyant economy, quality of life and employment opportunities, all of which are open to graduates. Of course the year round sunshine, beautiful city beaches, cosmopolitan lifestyle and the fact that students are living in one of the most popular tourist destinations makes this a city well-worth studying in.

Business creation.

Graduates would be hard pushed to find another city that offers so much opportunity to create and run a small business. Dubai is a world leader in business and commerce, and start-up entrepreneurs are in a city that has little trouble finding foreign investors. Growth rates have been seen across all in industries in the United Arab Emirates but especially in Finance, hospitality, construction, healthcare, technology, tourism and of course education. Small businesses are regarded as a key element in Dubai’s future and the bonus for entrepreneurs is that this city has developed a world-wide reputation as a place to conduct business in.

Living in Dubai.

Another point for graduates who are deliberating whether to create a start-up in Dubai is to take a look at the city in which they’d be living. Just over 10 million people visit this city each year; this is good news indeed for those who wish to be involved in the tourism industry. It’s also regarded as one of the world’s most cosmopolitan and cutting-edge cities and the UAE is indeed more liberal minded than many other countries in the region. The cost of living is also relatively low compared to other international destinations and Dubai was recently ranked at number 15 out of 131 in an index of the most affordable cities to live in. All of these factors and a tax free income make this city a magnet for graduates looking for the best location in which to work and live.

You don’t have to live in the United Arab Emirates to study as there is a range of distance learning courses allowing students to gain, for example, a Master of Science in Accounting online. But studying in this country will no doubt give graduates a head start when it comes to employment and business opportunities.


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