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[Infographic] Does It Pay To Be Pretty?


Do looks matter when it comes to success? The answer, quite expectedly, is a resounding yes.

But before you pick up your pitchfork in defense of equality, consider the numbers: the average call back rate when you submit a resume is 30%. An attractive male gets called back 47%, while their less attractive brethren gets called back 26% of the time. For women, the variance is staggering – a pretty female gets called back 54%. Their unattractive sisters? Just 7%.

And it’s not just getting through the door – attractive people also get paid more, and earn on average 10% more than their less attractive colleagues. How superficial we are!

Here’s an infographic from Brighton School of Business and Management that shows us some of the numbers on the relationship between earning power and a person’s looks. But here’s hoping that society will one day progress beyond such superficiality:

BSBM Does it pay to be pretty infographic



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