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3 Office Stresses You Didn’t Think Mattered


by Krista Coulter


The boss is at it again, pushing you harder than ever and asking what seems like a mountain to be moved. During difficult times, you probably tend to press through to the finish so you can relax on your own time which puts your health and sanity at risk. What you may not have even considered is the fact that there are other elements at play besides your pushy boss that are stressing you out – and you may be able to do something about it.

1. Diet.

When you’ve got an important deadline or assignment approaching, healthy eating can sometimes go out the window. Unfortunately, for both you and the company this could mean a total lack of productivity. If you’re guzzling coffee and eating what’s cheap, convenient and obviously not of nutritional value, you’re more likely to feel foggy, sleepy and completely overlook things your sharper mind wouldn’t have missed. During particularly stressful times, pack a lunch and some snacks for you to munch on in between. Apples are a great source of energy if you’re trying to avoid the afternoon crash that caffeine in coffee provides, and bananas contain potassium which will keep your muscles limber so that you don’t cramp up after sitting at the desk too long. Another option is to talk to your management about hiring a fruit delivery service like Fruitful Office to bring goodies to you. They’re low cost, so if your work values your health and wants to keep you in working order, they should be happy to help.

2. Environment.

There’s reason for your employers to be interested in keeping you stress free at work, as well. One study said that 73% of people said they were willing to move jobs because of unsatisfactory work levels, along with a host of other figures mentioning the potential effect this could have on the economy in general. So ask them to make a few changes for you in order to keep you satisfied. Perhaps they could change the lighting – natural lighting is less harsh than fluorescents, which are bad enough without adding in the hours of computer time. Or bring in some fresh foliage to liven the place up. Plants are natural mood enhancers that could make all the difference for you. And best of all, remember that old adage ‘A cluttered desk is a cluttered mind.’ Keep your workspace tidy, but surrounded with happy memories to keep your mood elevated. Make sure important stuff is where it needs to be and you have easy access to everything you need.

3. Communication.

Many people underestimate the power of open lines of communication with people that matter most in your company. Not being able to communicate effectively with someone you need assistance from – whether that person is horrible about responding to emails or unwilling to meet with you for a one on one – can definitely add to your anxiousness. Make sure you have clear instructions when you begin a project and a full understanding of what’s expected from you. Then set up checkpoints for you to update your progress and ensure you’re on the right path.

Busy times happen to the best of us, but stressing yourself out when there are ways to avoid it is just plain silly. Commit to making these few small changes and you’ll see a difference in your workplace mood.


Krista Coulter is a freelance writer and healthy living advocate. She enjoys sharing her previous experiences with others to promote a healthier society. 


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