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How To Get Meetings With Clients Too Busy To See You


by Monique Craig, marketing specialist for Oneflare

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Struggling to get a meeting with busy clients makes for a part of the tough life of a young entrepreneur. Every businessman knows the value of a face-to-face meeting over a phone call or video call – some kinds of meetings simply help people to connect in a more meaningful way than others.

So, how do you get the busiest clients to agree to meet you in the first place? Here are some of the best techniques to reach extremely busy individuals who at present seem out of your reach:

Don’t Just Ask, But Offer Too.

Consider the matter from the perspective of the client. He’s rushing here and there, struggling to deliver his work on time and find a moment to enjoy life – meeting you is the last thing on his mind. That is, until you present the opportunity of your meeting as beneficial to both parties. Instead of writing something like “I’d be delighted if you found time to meet me and talk about this idea”, try a more personalized approach – state some good reasons why you think the client should meet you.

Offer something in exchange – nothing material, mind you – but an interesting perspective, a point of view or information your client could use when considering other aspects of his work or life. Instead of simply asking your customer for his time, you will offer to share something you’ve learned about technology, industry or market development, or other accomplishments.

Fit the Meeting Into Your Client’s Goals.

In order to get a meeting, you need to make it matter. If you’re collaborating with a customer who is extremely difficult to reach, you need to remind him that you’re the one helping him realize his main priorities – be it cost reduction, revenue maximization or other important goals.

The meeting you’re asking for should have a specific theme – you need to let your client know what will happen during the meeting and why it’s in his best interest to attend it. In short, you need to let him know what he will gain by taking the time off his busy schedule to meet you.

Make Sure Your Meetings Are Productive.

If your past meetings didn’t leave your client with a sense of productivity, a reinvigorated approach towards his business or any other value, you can be sure that he’ll avoid meeting you. Every meeting must matter and have a meaningful outcome.

In order to make sure your meeting is valuable in this sense, prepare for it. Select the right participant and make sure that each and every one of them is thoroughly prepared for his designated role during the meeting. Finally, think about your client and work out your mutual objectives – in suggesting a meeting, show him how you can achieve them together.

Make It Work.

The life of your company depends on your clients and their satisfaction derived from your products or services. If your client declares to be too busy for an actual, face-to-face meeting, let it go and look for other ways to organize a meeting that you think would suit his schedule. If that means resorting to cutting-edge technologies, embrace the possibility and look for the best tools and solutions for getting the most form your meeting.


Monique CraigMonique Craig is a tech blogger and marketing specialist who works for Oneflare, an online marketplace which connects customers with local service providers.