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Coupon Master: Tips For Saving On DIY At Lowes


couponsCouponing is one of the most popular methods of saving money at the store, and the savings do not stop at grocery stores. Couponing can come in handy in even fix-it stores, such as Lowes, which can create a lot of cost savings for small businesses that prefer to DIY their office setups. With over 3.5 billion dollars being saved annually via coupons, it would be difficult to resist jumping on the “coupon wagon.”

Since items of every shape and size can be purchased with the help of coupons, discounts may apply to every niche out there – so business owners can find those that apply to their own needs.

Unfortunately, many new couponers get discouraged by the sheer amount of information available about couponing; much information can be confusing and perhaps conflicting. In order to begin a successful couponing journey, shoppers need to do a little research and then sit down to make a game plan.

Read the following information concerning how to take advantage of Lowes coupons to get an idea of couponing methods:

Coupons Galore.

The most traditional method of finding coupons involves hunting through newspapers for the coupon booklets distributed by stores. While newspapers and magazines are still valid resources for couponers, many people do not realize that there are other methods of accessing coupons. For example, stores like Lowes may provide coupon booklets right within their walls; check the area near the entrance for baskets full of savings brochures. Since most stores publish discount pamphlets on a fairly regular basis for free, it would be silly to not take advantage of store published coupon booklets.

Internet Coupons.

The Internet has become so important in today’s society that it’s relatively young age is surprising to many. Since the internet has not been around for a very long time, online couponing has not been either; however, this method of couponing has gained increasing popularity among couponers around the world. Why? Online couponing is easy to do, intuitive, and cost effective. Stores such as Lowes may regularly put out different coupons and discounts on their home websites. Since most stores update deals and discounts on a regular basis, online couponing is a great way for people with very busy calendars to enjoy the benefits of couponing.

Many websites claim to be the best resource for online couponers; however, many of these websites are not as reliable as they appear. Choose a reliable online couponing site to avoid fraud. Lowes coupons and cashback by Ebates.com, for example, is one way to coupon with ease. Websites such as Retailmenot and Krazycouponlady.com are useful, but may not boast the same range of benefits found on Ebates.

With today’s society so fast paced, the ease and efficiency of online couponing appeals to the masses.

mobile coupons

Couponing from Your Mobile.

Smartphones are becoming one of the most popular methods of accessing and redeeming coupons today. Mobile commerce is gaining traction and over 53 million people are enjoying the benefits of mobile couponing this year, which is a big endorsement of the method’s usefulness. With everyone carrying a cell phone these days, mobile coupons can be a popular option.

Busy individuals find mobile couponing especially useful since they are able to access coupons on the go and avoid the time consuming “clip, clip” of the past.

So how do people find and utilize coupons via a mobile device? Lowes coupons are typically sent to mobile devices on a weekly or monthly basis. Only customers who have signed up for mobile prompts and alerts about deals receive the coupon information. Typically, a customer must give the cashier his or her email address and or phone number to sign up; the good news is that sign up is usually free. Think of the savings resulting from a free mobile coupon sign up! The thought should give tingles of excitement to beginning and advanced couponers alike. The most interesting aspect of mobile couponing is the lack of printing costs. Most stores now accept mobile coupons right from the phone screen; cashiers are able to scan the barcode directly from the phone’s screen and redeem the coupon immediately.

A Few Guidelines.

Many new couponers do not realize that there are rules and regulations concerning coupons. Since a coupon essentially takes on a money value, there are certain couponing practices that call for legal action. At the very least, beginning couponers may experience embarrassment in the check out line after trying to redeem a coupon that was inappropriate. When presenting Lowes coupons, keep these rules in mind:

  • Most coupons that boast of free standalone items are not accepted by stores, especially if said coupons were found online. Most coupons call for other purchases in order to win the free item.
  • Using two coupons at one time is usually frowned upon, unless a special exception is made clear. And, no, buy one get one coupons cannot be used at the same time to receive a free product.
  • Producing coupons is illegal. Remember, coupons are like money. Most people realize that counterfeiting money is a bad idea; counterfeiting coupons is a bad idea too.
  • The use of coupons for the wrong item is a wrong thing to do.

Hopefully, new couponers and advanced couponers alike have picked up a few hints and tips from the information above. To learn more about couponing, try doing a little more research or asking a friend. Most people are surprised at how simple it is to learn the art of couponing once supplied with the right kind of resources.

If you’re a small business owner and entrepreneur, you can embrace huge savings from couponing; the treasure trove of coupon discounts awaits.