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3 Great Startup Ideas That Involve Dangerous Materials



There are a lot of interesting startups headed by interesting people who do interesting things. Some develop business strategies while others develop consumer electronics. Many create content while others provide the platform for bringing out the creativity in us all. There is no end to entrepreneurial opportunities. Some of the most interesting and most lucrative opportunities happen to be in fields that are also the most dangerous.

Science is showing signs of a resurgence in the job market. AOL features a list of the top 10 jobs in the science field. The demand is high for people with the right kind of educational background. That message seems to be getting through to high-school students who are enrolling more in math and science classes. These careers in science are not just good job opportunities, but good business startup opportunities.

Here are three that are worth considering:

Bio Storage and Transport.

You can be pretty confident that any job with “bio” in the name is going to involve the handling of dangerous materials. Biology is filled with bacteria, viruses, communicable disease, and unspeakable gore. Outside of our neatly packaged skin bags, biology is a nightmare. But it has to be handled, stored, and transported by someone. And there is no reason why that someone shouldn’t be an entrepreneur with a love of science.

Pacific BioMaterial Management, Inc. is one such company that specializes in the niche of bio-material management. The government highly regulates the handling of biological material and while scientists may be able to manipulate genetic code, they can’t move their lab from one location to another without a great deal of regulatory expertise. This has created an excellent startup space for those who can juggle science, regulatory code, and hazardous material.

Actually, don’t juggle the hazardous material. That probably goes against the regulations.

Hazardous Material Cleanup.

Did you ever wonder who does jobs like:

  • • APHIS & Rejected Cargo
  • • Manufacturing Sustainability Solutions
  • • Pharmaceutical Returns & Disposal
  • • Universal Waste Disposal
  • • Liquid Waste & Environmental Cleanup
  • • Hazardous Waste Recycling

Hazardous materials come in a variety of forms from biological fluids in hospitals, to nuclear spills. Industrial wast is a catchall for all the dangerous leftover material after the good stuff has been extracted. We eat the nut and throw away the shell. In most industries, that shell involves some kind of dangerous material. And someone has to clean it up. There will never be an end to the need for people who will step in and do this job.

Hazardous Material Analyst.

Hazardous material is the career opportunity that keeps on giving. If you don’t want to store it, or move it, or clean it up, you can always study it. For the record, hazardous material analyst is a real job. Based on this job description, such an analyst performs:

laboratory and field tests to monitor the environment and investigate sources of pollution, including those that affect health. Under direction of an environmental scientist or specialist, may collect samples of gases, soil, water, and other materials for testing and take corrective actions as assigned.

The startup opportunities are endless. Pair your passion for the environment with other interests like oceanography, farming, or wildlife. The environment is multifaceted and can satisfy a variety of interests. Every part of the environment suffers from the effects of pollution and hazardous materials. What could be better than a career in making the world a better place, literally?

We hear a lot about unemployment numbers. But those numbers do not apply to the kinds of people who invent jobs for themselves. They find jobs in the category of “if it was easy, everyone would be doing it”. That can also apply to, “if is was safe”. Hazardous materials are called “hazardous” for good reason. Mishandling them can make you, and a lot of innocent people very dead, very fast. It is a career field that should never be taken lightly. But by the right kind of enterprising people, opportunity is knocking.



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