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Your 7-A-Day Diet For Business Fitness


by Catherine Filmer, Marketing Co-Ordinator at Access

business-controlBack in April, NHS Choices published the results of a UK-based study that used information on more than 65,000 randomly selected adults who were participating in the Health Survey for England. The survey results suggested that seven portions of fruit and vegetables per day were more beneficial than the five that we’re all used to.

This led us to thinking about how your business could adopt a similar 7-a-day diet to help business fitness. Having robust, lean processes and implementing the right software solutions to manage these processes can help you improve your company’s performance, increase cost efficiency and get in great shape for the summer and beyond!

1. Efficiently allocate time and cost against projects.

An integrated operational and financial solution is needed to incorporate purchasing as well as record internal time and expenses to help you easily see your committed spend and manage true project costs.

2. View profitability by project and resource.

A complete project costing software, resource scheduling, procurement and online time and expense tracking all feeding straight into your finance system gives you ultimate control over your bottom line.

3. Resource planning and forecasting tools help you get ready for the future.

Resource scheduling gives you the tools to forecast accurately, reduce whitespace and manage the backlog. Detailed reporting enables you to balance your resources, track utilisation and meet targets.

4. Real time project information and control gives you the complete picture.

With accurate information at your fingertips you can deploy the right resources to the right project. Your productivity will improve as you spend less time on planning and switching between calendars and spread sheets.

5. Stay on top of your cash flow with fast, efficient invoicing.

With the right finance solution, you can close the gap between logging billable activity and accurately invoicing your client.

6. Use your order pipeline to plan ahead – no nasty surprises.

Diary management, escalation workflows, anticipated payment patterns and dashboard reporting is all standard functionality with Access tools.

7. Create a ‘self-serve’easy-to-use environment that anyone can master.

With electronic workflows and simple systems for everyone in the business, time and money can be focused on where it is needed.

See what 7-a-day did for these companies

Hundreds of businesses are already getting fitter using our essential tools.

Read their stories now and get valuable inspiration for your own business fitness plan.


Catherine FilmerCatherine Filmer is a Marketing Co-Ordinator at Access. Working for the Professional Service Solutions Division, she is responsible for delivering integrated marketing campaigns to organisations across the professional sectors. Access Business Intelligence and Finance Software solutions help organisations to improve their bottom line and achieve operational excellence.