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The Power Of Blogging For Business


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by Jamelle Sanders, CEO of Jamelle Sanders International

In the early days of my business, I did not really see the significance of blogging. In fact, I started a blog around the second year of my business. I was quickly disappointed with the lack of results and did not post for almost two years.

However, after doing some research and talking with business mentors, I learned that blogging has a major impact on the bottom line of a business. After that day I created a new blog and I was determined for the blog to succeed. Now the blog is attracting thousands of visitors every week. In addition, the blog has introduced a whole new group of clients to my business. Blogging has increased my profits and created new profit potential. Blogging has also connected me with individuals that I never imagined.

I want to share a few tips with you on how blogging can transform your business:

1. Before you begin blogging it is so important that you identify your audience.

Remember that this blog is for business and you should focus on specific content and a specific demographic. This is foundational to creating a successful blog.

2. Identify how you can educate your audience.

Blogging is about more than posting pictures and content. You want to be sure that you are educating the audience on specific subject matters that appeal to their lives and interests.

3. Focus on what is important to your audience.

You want to be sure that your blog is adding value to your audience. I know that a blog that adds value will enjoy consistent traffic. However, if your blog lacks clarity and purpose you will not see the traffic you desire to see.

4. Blogging that is done correctly will generate traffic.

In addition, if you are able to attract traffic to the site you can then generate leads that can boost the bottom line of your business. Many people started out just reading my blog. However, many of those people over time became clients because of the value they were receiving.

5. Blogging gives you a voice.

It is great to express yourself; however, you must be careful how you communicate on your blog. Never forget that you are still representing your business. Don’t post anything that would cause your brand to be perceived in an unfavorable light. Always post with purpose. Make sure that your messages are in line with the vision and mission of your business.

6. Blogging creates a think tank.

One of the greatest benefits I have received from blogging is community. Blogging allows you to connect with like-minded individuals that share your same passion and offers you a forum to exchange ideas.

7. Understand that blogging is a commitment.

One of the reasons I failed at blogging in the beginning is because I was not committed to it. Once you establish a blog you have to post regularly and create a schedule to ensure that you are constantly posting great content.

8. Personalize the blog.

You will attract a lot more people by being yourself. Nobody wants to visit a blog that is simply a duplicate of something they have already seen. Be unique and offer original content. So many blogs are simply recycling information. If you offer valuable content the people will come. Be intriguing and keep the people wanting more.

9. Solve a problem.

One of the main reasons you should create a blog is to solve a problem. I wanted to create a place where entrepreneurs and leaders could be empowered with tools for personal and professional success. With that said, think about a problem that your business can solve. You will be amazed at how solving problems increases the profits of your business. Find the unique problem your business solves and then start blogging about it.

10. Brand recognition.

The greatest benefit of blogging is greater brand recognition. When you personalize valuable content you become a leader in your industry. People will come to respect the unique solutions that your business provides. Blogging can position your business for success. I always say when you blog with a reason your brand recognition always increases.


jsJamelle Sanders is the CEO of Jamelle Sanders International. Jamelle is a life coach, leading empowerment specialist and the CEO of Jamelle Sanders International in Gastonia, NC.   Jamelle has successfully empowered leaders and entrepreneurs around the world to succeed in business and in life.





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