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[Infographic] How To Start A Startup In College


We’ve previously established that college may be the best time to start a small business (in fact, here are 22 reasons why). College is certainly an ideal time to get your venture off the ground, and we’ve seen so many examples of businesses started from tiny dorm rooms that’s grown massive – just think Facebook and Google, for example. But it’s certainly not easy even if you’re keen – in fact it may be the hardest thing to do in your life. And you certainly would be asking about the steps required to get an idea off the ground. Here’s an infographic from the folks at Degreelibrary.org that outlines the reasons why college founders have an edge, and also the various steps – in the form of a flowchart – enterprising young students can take when looking to found a startup in school: Start a Startup Source: DegreeLibrary.org



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