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Maximizing The Effect Of Your Advertising With A Leaflet Distribution Campaign


by Paul M. Moore, Marketing Specialist at CWTadvertising.com 

An advertising campaign through leaflet distribution is not just about getting your company’s message or services through doors, it’s about opening those doors to gain new customers.

There are several ways that advertising through a leaflet distribution campaign can maximize your advertising efforts:

1. Trial to avoid error.

Leaflet distribution is a great route for a major advertising campaign because, unlike many other advertising options, it offers the opportunity to trial the approach first as part of the market research for your forthcoming, major campaign.  Simply by creating your leaflet, which includes a specific response or discount code, identifying a sample demographic and ordering a ‘sample sized’ distribution drop lends itself to checks you can use to then inform your main campaign:

– Quantifying the responses received: the discount or response code will help to identify customers who are new or returning as a response to receiving the leaflet, and once you are in communication with them you have an extra opportunity to ask for direct customer feedback to help inform your main campaign.

– Ensure that you have a small sample of existing customers in your sample drop as they are not likely to mind you checking in with them for customer feedback on the leaflet, its message or format, even if they do not want your services at this time.

– Whether you are getting an expected response as a result of the sample drop and what the reasons for this are?   For example, if your sample leaflet has brought in successful responses and it was a solus drop, then it would make sense to maintain this approach in your main campaign, whereas if responses are low and delivery was shared, perhaps this might be the method to avoid next time?

2. Solus makes your campaign stand out.

Whether you have conducted a sample drop or not to start with, one of the major ways advertising through leaflet distribution can really have maximum impact is by signing up for solus delivery: that’s your leaflet on its own through customers’ doors.  The logic is simple, many shared items arrive ‘hidden’ inside newspapers and are not even noticed by householders, whilst a batch of leaflets scattered across the doormat are quickly identified as ‘junk mail’ and dumped en masse.  However, a solitary leaflet is more likely to be read as it is picked up.

3.  Reduced Competition.

A leaflet distribution campaign can be much more effective than a trade advertisement (online, in a newspaper or trade magazine or within a directory) for one very simple reason: your advertisement is not in place alongside the competitions’.  Any of those other formats put your company directly in competition with other businesses and show your potential customers many alternatives that they could choose… so why should they choose yours?

Alternatively, a single, targeted advertising leaflet through the door spotlights your company in a way that these other advertisements don’t (even if you’ve paid for a half-page spread, the other half is advertising the customers’ alternatives).  What’s more, even if your services are not needed by the customer straightaway, there’s still a chance that your leaflet is likely to be put somewhere safe or useful for a later date.


Paul M. Moore is a CWTadvertising.com marketing specialist with over 15 years’ experience in marketing and direct marketing techniques.









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