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Top Goals For Operations Managers In 2014


Whether you’re an operations manager with an MBA in operations degree or merely looking forward to being one in the future, there are some goals that all operations managers will need to have in 2014. Operations managers are responsible for the overall productivity, efficiency and revenue of chains of companies, and they need to always be on the move and improving if they are to retain their competitive edge. An operations manager needs to be a jack-of-all-trades and needs to remain extremely knowledgeable about a variety of business aspects.

Move your core operations to the cloud.

The cloud is an incredibly important technological breakthrough today. By moving your core operations to the cloud, you can take advantage of incredibly powerful software solutions while lowering your overall costs. The cloud gives you the ability to scale your services to suit your company, access your services anywhere in the world and deploy new services quickly and effectively. The cloud platform can be used for enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, lead retention and procurement. By creating a single integrated system, you can drastically cut down on your administrative costs and overhead while collecting the data that your company needs to succeed. If your company isn’t already on the cloud, it needs to be to remain competitive.

Improve your inventory and fulfillment services.

Operations management is often the art of crafting the best possible inventory system. To that end, every operations manager should take a look at the way they can improve their inventory and fulfillment service in 2014. There are many new software systems and warehouse management systems available that can greatly increase the overall efficiency of a warehouse and fulfillment service. There are also new big data visualization programs that can help a company anticipate the need of certain inventory items and thus cut down on wastage. Inventory is one of the most important areas for any company, and it’s of vital importance that a company always be improving in these ways.

Take a look at outsourcing options.

Outsourcing has become an incredibly effective way of cutting costs through traditional operations. When looking at outsourcing options, you should remember that there are outsourcing options throughout the globe and that different regions specialize in different areas. You can receive quotes and contract information regarding the production of your goods or the packaging of your goods in separate areas. Sometimes it may even be less expensive to ship goods to be packaged rather than ship them in-house. With the global economy, it’s very important that you investigate all of these options when trying to increase your overall revenue picture.

Being an operations manager is an incredible opportunity as well as a continual challenge. With the power also comes an incredible amount of responsibility. You should always be looking for ways that you can improve. There are many ways that technology can aid you to this end. Technology is constantly changing, and if you aren’t taking advantage of a new development you can bet that your competitors are. The only way to stay competitive within the market is to be up to date on new advancements and to take advantage of the ones that are applicable to your company.




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