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[Infographic] Real Money, Virtual Wallets

Many of us have problems managing money, but the more conscious among us are turning to online and mobile tools to help keep our finances in order. Thankfully, a plethora of money management tools are now available to help us keep track of income, bills, loans and even credit cards.

We’ve heard of how apps like can help folksĀ save both time and money, and nothing is quite indicative of a good entrepreneur than one who knows how to keep a tight hold of their personal finances (which will be reflective of how they manage company finances).

Here’s an infographic that looks at some of the data surrounding the usage of web or mobile money management apps, as well as highlight some of the apps available on iOS, Android and online apps you can use to make sure you don’t (unknowingly) go down the path of bankruptcy:

Real Money, Virtual Wallets

[Infographic credit: Real Money, Virtual Wallets]


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