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[Portugal][Event] Explorers Festival 2013


Startup accelerator programs can be very tough, but none of them is quite as tough as being in a military bootcamp where you’re pushed to your physical, emotional and mental limits. Until now.

The Explorers Festival is an upcoming event in Lisbon, Portugal focused around the topics of entrepreneurship and innovation. Organized by Portuguese startup accelerator beta-i – the same people behind TEDxEdges and Sandbox Global Summit – it promises to be the largest entrepreneurship event in Portugal this year.

Explorers Festival comprises of three parts – an Explorers Bootcamp, where participating entrepreneurs are put through a grueling three-day bootcamp conducted by the Portuguese Navy Marine Corps designed to push them to their limits. The Explorers Toolbox is a series of workshops and demos over two days from startup service providers from around the world, while the Explorers Conference is a one day event that will bring mentors, professionals and entrepreneurs from all over the world to share their insights with
Portugal’s startup community.

The Explorers Festival will start with the Bootcamp (Nov 1-3) and Toolbox (Nov 6 & 7), closing
with the Explorers Conference (Nov 8). If you’re in Lisbon during that period, you may want to check it out.