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[Event] Over 540 Young Entrepreneurs To Converge On Global Startup Youth


Malaysia will see over 500 youth descend on its capital Kuala Lumpur this October for Global Startup Youth (GSY), a three-day idea accelerator program aimed at helping young entrepreneurs shape and launch new projects that will hopefully evolve into sustainable global businesses.

Held on October 8-11, Global Startup Youth is designed by StartupMalaysia in collaboration with partners including Malaysia’s Ministry of Finance, the US State Department, YouNoodle Inc., UPGlobal, Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd, Global Entrepreneurship Week, and Startup Nations.” This event harnesses the power of youth, their cultural diversity, their domain expertise and their deep conversations about today’s world problems to accelerate them into ventures, ready to be taken to market and scaled,” says Dash Dhakshinamoorthy, entrepreneur and founder of StartupMalaysia.

“The teams will get to interact with entrepreneurs and leaders from all over the world as well as hear President Obama’s keynote address. This is an amazing opportunity for all of the chosen participants,” Dhakshinamoorthy adds.

A Meeting Of Young Minds

The event will also bring together 30 leaders from startup communities around the world for the Startup Nations Meet, as well as 30 international grassroots startup leaders through the UPGlobal Facilitators Meet.

“More than 45 Judges from around the world judged and scored applications using YouNoodle’s Judge Platform to help choose the GSY participants,” says Rebeca Hwang, co-founder of YouNoodle who would be co-hosting the Startup Nations Meet. “This collaboration of numerous stakeholders involved in the global startup ecosystem will be unprecedented and the inaugural GSY is set to be a new model for building cross-border collaborations amongst youth and our future entrepreneurs.”

Some of the young leaders coming to compete in The Global Startup Youth include:

– Jared Kleinert (18), Boca Raton, Florida: an entrepreneur with a Silicon Valley background who is working to empower and inspire the 2 billion people in the world currently at or under the age of 20 through “2 Billion Under 20”.

– Joshua Harrington (18), New Zealand: a young entrepreneur who has had various web-based businesses since the age of 13.

– Adrian Carabias Barroso (AGE), Mexico: an entrepreneur whose goal is to solve the world’s huge problem of the supply and demand for blood using social media.

– Alanna Ford (24), United Kingdom: a young woman who believes that investing in women has the potential to uplift entire communities.

– Carryn Goh (21), Malaysia: An inspired innovator who is working to re-invent ecommerce shopping for women in the SEA region.