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5 Simple Ways To Show Appreciation To Employees


Nothing is more magical than appreciation and recognition and these are the driving forces for any employee working in an organization. The working class needs appreciation, and it is how employers can show their employees the concern towards them.  It is a morale booster for employees as they would be certainly more involved if they believe their superiors acknowledge and appreciate their efforts.

Here are some of the simple ways for showing the appreciation to employees and motivating them for quality work:

1. Offer Tangible Gifts or Treats.

You can gift employees with anything, and things like vouchers and movie tickets can be highly appreciated. But consider customized gifts, such as a custom backpack with personalized engraving on it. Employers can make the backpacks customized by adding a message, or name and logo of the company. A palatable lunch or dinner is also something people seldom say no to. Take your employees out for a lunch once in a while. This shows how you care for them.

If you cannot take them out for a treat, then order food to be delivered to the workplace. This has another advantage too. You get time to mingle with your employees. The thought matters a lot rather than what you spend!

2. Create a Sportive Environment.

Offer prizes for the best performers. In any department, or any profession, there is something that drives the folks to put in additional effort – that is the need to be known among all for their work. If you want to make everybody enjoy working, how about making it a game or competition where a prize or incentive could be announced for the best performers? Again it does not matter how much you spend. You simply need to make it fully public who the winner is. If you have an internal corporate newsletter, use that platform to officially acknowledge those who had achieved certain milestones. Even a note on the office noticeboard can do a better job.

3. Be Friendly With your Employees.

Friendliness with your employees does not mean you become too informal with them. Just ask them about their family, interests, the way their work goes on and so forth. In short, develop a personal relationship other than a work one. An example is to make a note of the employees’ birthday and just walk up to their place and wish them in front of all. This develops a sense of bonding between employers and employees. If you find them in the elevator together, don’t ask them about their sales targets; instead talk about something mundane like the weather.

4. Be Thankful to the Employees.

Similarly, being thankful may not mean giving tangible gifts all the time. Even a handwritten thank-you note can mean a lot. When you are holding your annual year-end meeting, acknowledge the efforts taken, express gratitude to the employees for making it possible to reach the results and never forget to give away special note of thanks and some good mementos for those who have worked their guts out for you. Of course, this is possible only if you have kept track of all the accomplishments of your employees!

5. Be Sincere while Appreciating Employees.

Show your unbiased and sincere attitude when you thank or value the employees. You cannot simply leave gifts on the table every Friday evening when you pass through their cubicles. It either makes employees feel insulted, or it can be really painstaking for employers, to give gifts every next day.



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