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Microsoft Gives Love To Nonprofits With Office 365 Donation Program


If you’re a nonprofit, take note – global software giant Microsoft is making Office 365 for Nonprofits available  to qualifying nonprofits and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) through its software donation program.

With a feature set similar to other Office 365 versions, Office 365 for Nonprofits gives nonprofits and NGOs access to Office cloud services tailored to the needs of nonprofits. “Today we are donating to nonprofits and NGOs access to Microsoft’s best-in-class cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools, enabling them to spend fewer resources and time on IT and focus on their missions addressing global issues, such as disease eradication, education and literacy, and environmental sustainability,” says Jean-Philippe Courtois, president, Microsoft International. “Nonprofits operate in the same way as any other organization or business, however many lack the resources to implement the latest technology. The donation of Office 365 allows them to be more effective and efficient in the work they do.”

According to a recent study by Microsoft’s software donation partner TechSoup Global, nonprofits reported that the top four advantages of cloud computing are easier IT administration (79%), cost-savings (62%), improved collaboration (61%), and data security (54%). In Singapore, already a few nonprofits have latched onto the program. “From our experience as a pilot user of Office 365 for Nonprofits, the most immediate benefit of this cloud-based solution has been its ability to allow our staff and teams of volunteers to work and collaborate more seamlessly and efficiently from wherever they are, regardless of the devices that they use,” says Tanguy Lim, Director of the Pro Bono Services Office, Law Society of Singapore.

“This has freed up a lot of our time, which can be more meaningfully spent on providing legal assistance to those in need within the community.”

Similarly, Chia Woon Yee, Director, Technology and Vocational Training, Society for the Physically Disabled says that the donation goes a long way for nonprofits who rely greatly on public funding and donations to run their operations. ”It will not only help us to reduce our operating expenses, but more importantly, it will provide us with additional tools to train and enable people with disabilities to acquire skills that will enable them to assimilate into mainstream workforce,” she adds.

The donation is available today in 41 countries around the world, including Singapore, and up to 90 countries by July 2014. Nonprofits and NGOs interested in implementing Microsoft Office 365 can check eligibility and order donations at www.microsoft.com/office365nonprofits.



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