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Productivity Tips To Help Small Business Owners


by  Jessie Quek, Country General Manager, Lenovo Singapore

Each day, a small business owner has to make multiple difficult choices on how to spend his or her limited time, energy and resources in the most optimal manner. Whether you’re running the latest hipster café in town or a new technology startup, being at your productive best is something that’s high up on your priority list every day. At Lenovo, we believe that the tools you use, such as your PCs, tablets and smartphones, all contribute to helping you remain at the top of your game.

With that, here are some tips on how you can leverage on technology to stay productive:

1. Use technology to help you work better on-the-go.

Most small business owners today are extremely mobile, moving from meeting to meeting while trying to squeeze work in between. With time already at a premium, ultraportable PCs such as convertibles allow you to leverage the power of a full keyboard device for better content creation and productivity while on-the-go. Consider a device like the Lenovo ThinkPad Helix which combines the performance of a business Ultrabook™ with the mobility of a tablet.

2. Keep your PC running at peak performance.

With limited resources, every second of your day is precious, and you don’t want to waste valuable time waiting for your PC to open a file or even worse, spend a few hours fixing a hardware or software issue. Solutions like the Lenovo Solutions Center (LSC) are designed to keep your PC running at peak performance, to improve the user and business experience. It assesses software and hardware, diagnoses issues and provides tips to fix potential problems before they impact the business and can also be used to schedule backups, create recovery media, update software and manage virus protection, firewall and passwords.

3. Charge up, move on.

Another major time saver is having a laptop or PC which you can charge up in an instant before leaving the office for your day on the road. Imagine if you could charge up 80% of your laptop battery in the space of half-an-hour – well now you can with the Lenovo X1 Carbon’s RapidCharge technology. The laptop, weighing in at 1.36kg, packs a high resolution display into a highly-portable 14-inch laptop design. Optional 3G mobile broadband and hotspot technology allows you to stay connected virtually anywhere, anytime and be even more productive.

4. Don’t waste time managing your PCs.

As a small business owner, we know that you have bigger things to worry about than running hardware and system maintenance. However, it’s these small nitty gritty details which help your business run optimally, ensuring your point-of-sale (POS) system doesn’t malfunction and your website stays up all the time. With Lenovo Solutions for Small Business (LSSB), you can ensure that all your critical business programs and applications are running in the pink of health, and designate maintenance tasks such as software updates, backup, disk defragmentation, deletion of cookies or temporary Internet files to be carried out after work hours. Take your mind of maintenance and focus on the things which will help grow your business.

5. Windows 8.

If you’re a longtime Windows user, have a think about upgrading to Windows 8 – which comes with all of Lenovo’s latest PCs – as it features powerful applications which will help increase productivity. Apps like Evernote help you organize everything from photos to scanned documents to Web pages, while cloud-based storage applications like Box allow you to access your documents from virtually any Windows 8 device – be it tablet or PC – and also securely share this content and collaborate via “workspaces” where users can assign tasks, post comments on specific documents and be notified about documents related to them.

6. Networked Storage.

As a business owner, you probably own more than one device – probably a combination of tablet, PC and smartphone. While these tools keep you productive on-the-go, it would be even better if you can easily access your content from any device without having to bother about transferring data via USB. You can now do this with networked storage – such as the Lenovo® Iomega® ix Series Desktop line. Suitable for small businesses and home offices, networked storage can increase workflow efficiency and provide anytime, anywhere access to documents.

With these productivity features, small business owners can make the best use of their time to run and grow the business and stay at the forefront of their industry.


Jessie Quek is the Country General Manager for Lenovo Singapore. She is responsible for overall revenues and profitability, business operations and developing and driving growth strategies for the Lenovo business in Singapore, as well as deepening relationships with partners and customers for both consumer and commercial segments, and employees.






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  2. Great tips!! Also, office is space is represents business and the way to work. It is important for your office to be well furnished and attractive. The office layout and office designs have a huge impact on your employee productivity and morale. The physical environment of an office directly impacts and influences creativity, job satisfaction, truancy and number of working hours of each employee.


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