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[Infographic] What’s Hot In The World Of Startups


The startup world is where dreams are made – or come to a burning, crashing end. Which have been the industries that have seen the most startup action, and which are those that has too often seen the flaming wreckage of spectacular failure? The truth is, we can’t really tell.

But that’s not stopped some from compiling relevant data to inform the aspiring masses. For example, did you know that social network game development continues to see stellar growth in 2013 (despite news such as that of the reported demise of OMGPOP after its acquisition by Zynga)?

Here’s a snapshot of the hottest  industries in the tech startup world in infographic form, including eight startups to look out for as well as ten that were once highly touted as superstars but has since struggled to succeed:

Start Me Up: What's Hot in the World of Startups

[Source: Start Me Up: What’s Hot in the World of Startups]