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[Infographic] The Lazy Geek’s Guide To Outsourcing Everything


When it comes to outsourcing we often think of large scale outsource manufacturing jobs heading overseas to more cost-effective places like China by companies trying to remain competitive, but in this particular case we’re talking about the smart geek’s guide for using technology to become annoyingly productive compared to the average Joe.

That’s right, there are ways that a person can leverage technology in order to help manage our day-to-day tasks – whether it’s dealing with a deluge of emails, scheduling online meetings and appointments, managing your social media channels or booking travel arrangements – there’s an app (or three) for that.

Here’s an infographic from Who Is Hosting This on how exactly you can let technology help you manage and up your geek cred:

The Lazy Geek’s Guide to Outsourcing Everything [Infographic] by Who Is Hosting This: The Blog