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[Infographic] Reality TV: Popstars Vs Producer


Reality singing TV competitions the likes of American Idol and The Voice have made music stars out of unknowns literally overnight. Many of these competitors have gone on to become fully fledged music artistes, and some, like Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson from American Idol, boast a sizable fortune thanks to their new-found fame. But are they the true recipients from their windfall?

As it turns out, the producers behind those reality TV programs make far, far more than the music stars they help churn out. It may shock you to learn that for every dollar of music sold on producer-owned record labels, the artiste gets just over two cents, with the producer pocketing as much as 60% of the amount.

Let’s take a look at the statistics behind this very unbalanced industry in this infographic from ClickitTicket:

Reality TV Pop Star Vs. Producer - ClickitTicket.com

[Infographic by: clickitticket.com]


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