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List4.me, A Simple Collaborative Task List Web App


We’re all familiar with personal task managers or to-do list applications, but most of them are meant to be used in a personal, individual capacity. What if, for example, you had tasks that required someone else’s help to complete? Sure, a business type project management app has that kind of collaborative functionality, but such an app would be way too overpowered for simple use.

Here’s a simple collaborative task list web application that can help plug that gap – List4.me. Developed by Konstantin Goncharuk and Lina Dunaievska – a couple of Ukrainians living in Amsterdam – it’s made for the creation and sharing of any kind of list, which is really handy for a variety of tasks ranging from handling your to-do lists to managing daily routine chores such as buying groceries. But where List4.me really shines is where collaboration for task completion is required. Say you’re planning a potluck party, where different people are responsible for bringing different items to make the party happen. After you compile the tasks into a list, you can easily share that list with others – via email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and even LinkedIn – so they can check items off as each task is completed. Spiffy!

Here’s a video to show how it works:


  1. As web app to manage tasks and to dos for your team or your project, I would consider RowShare. RowShare exposes a wide range of templates as Team Action plan, a kind of collaborative to-dos. You can customize it to match perfectly your expectations. Just have a look, I’m sure RowShare can be useful for you!
    I feel I need to let you know that I work for the company that develops RowShare. I just wrote an article that gives you an idea of how it can help for team task management:

    I know it’s been a while since you asked the question. But since I just found this page, others will follow, so I try my luck.


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