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Todoist To Help You Conquer Your Tasks

To-do and task manager apps are a dime to the dozen, but a really good one that can be used across pretty much any mobile device or browser and have data synced across every one of them? None too common. But there’s where Todoist shines – the task management software is available on a whopping 11 different platforms, with the recent introduction of its iOS and Android tablet app versions.

The powerful task manager allows users to manage tasks from their inbox, browser, desktop, or mobile device, enhancing personal productivity by a mile. It’s especially useful for those mobile warriors who carry and use multiple devices, for example, a phone, tablet and laptop combination, since it syncs data across each platform. Browser and mail client plugins help complete the picture. Launched since 2007, Todoist runs on a freemium model – US$29 per year gives you additional features like task search, task reminders and productivity tracking, but the free version is robust enough for most users, even those who employ it for business use.

The latest update forĀ Todoist‘s tablet versions is a complete and total rewrite of its mobile applications, which introducesĀ an entirely new user interface that includes a newly added “Inbox” feature allowing users to add items and tasks much easier than before. “Building the tablet versions wasn’t easy but we are sure the energy was well spent considering the millions of tablet users around the world. We’re really happy to serve these users with beautiful apps that are specially crafted for the tablet format,” says Amir Salihefendic, founder of Todoist.


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