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[Infographic] 10 Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs You May Not Have Heard Of

Silicon Valley is the pinnacle of a startup community that embodies the very essence of entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation, so much so that many startup ecosystems around the world aspires to be like it. Silicon Valley is the home for dreamers, but more importantly, it is the home for dreamers who do.

Take Priya Haji, for example. The entrepreneur started World of Good, an online retail marketplace of sustainable craft goods which was acquired by eBay in 2010. Or Will Harbin, CEO of Kixeye, which creates Facebook games for a more hardcore gaming community.

They’re both based out of Silicon Valley and gone out to make it big from there.

Here are some of the Silicon Valley entrepreneurs you may or may not have heard of, in infographic form:

10 Movers and Shakers of Silicon Valley

[Infographic credit: Best Accounting Degrees]


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