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[Ad] Taking The Family Away For Easter? Cover Your House With Home Insurance


It’s not long to wait now… Soon you’ll be running round the garden (like a headless chicken) with your kids, searching for chocolate eggs. But what if you fancy doing something a little different this year? You could take all the fun with you on a four-day break to make the most of the bank holiday weekend. But before you pack up your bags, make sure your home insurance is up to date. If not, get some contents insurance quotes online – as you don’t want any nasty surprises when you get home.

No one likes to think of an intruder in their home when they’re away. Not to mention the thought of having something stolen. So it pays to make sure that you have adequate contents insurance in place, just in case.

Burglars normally gain entry by force, and that means breaking windows, doors and locks. Many buildings insurance policies will cover damage to the structure of your home from break-ins. So it’s worth looking at building insurance quotes online to find the right one. Knowing that your home is covered will help to give you extra peace of mind when you’re away.

Some nice escapes for your Easter egg hunt

By the sea…

Despite being a bit chilly at this time of year, there’s nothing more refreshing than a trip to the seaside. Or a dip in the ocean (if you’re brave enough). And the beach is a great place to create a challenging hunt – by hiding eggs away in rock crevices, or between the wild headland and sand dunes.

In the forest…

There’s so much woodland to explore in England… Thetford, Forest of Dean, Sherwood, New Forest, to name just a few. Most kids love weaving through the trees, looking at unusual mushrooms and playing hide and seek. From crooked branches to woodland cabins, there are heaps of places to hide away those tasty little eggs.

In the countryside…

With a little breeze, kite flying can be a whole load of fun – especially if you’re in a big, wide-open field. There are loads of lovely things to do with your kids in the countryside. Look at the animals, go for long walks and take in all that delicious fresh country air. With trees, plants and hideaways everywhere, your children are going to have a ball searching for those eggs. They might even spot a real bunny rabbit or two on their hunt.

So when your car boot’s packed up with chocolate of all shapes and sizes – and you’ve looked into home insurance quotes – you can get on and enjoy your short Easter break away from home.