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Moxtra Organizes Your Digital Content In One Mobile Binder


One of the biggest problems that us mobile warriors, digital natives and the like have is assessing and managing the multitudes of digital content that we’re likely to have scattered all over the place – on our phones, on our desktops, in our public cloud services, etc. But hope may be at hand – at least for iOS users.

Moxtra (www.moxtra.com) Binder is a social collection and collaboration mobile application for iOS devices that allows users to collect, access, and collaborate on any form of digital content in a single platform. Think of it as a combination of facets of Dropbox, Evernote and Pinterest, with strong social elements thrown in.

The idea for Moxtra, made by the Silicon Valley-based company of the same name, revolves around the idea of having digital content arranged in a one place in the form of a “mobile binder”. You essentially collect virtually any kind of digital content – photos, videos, notes, web pages, receipts, documents, email attachments – from anywhere – your DropBox, camera roll, remote desktop etc – and add to their Moxtra Binder. Content is automatically arranged and displayed.

Another key feature of Moxtra Binder, called the Moxtra Note, even allows you to create a multi-media presentation using annotations and voice-overs to personalize pages in the binder. These “Notes” can be shared via email, SMS or Facebook. Another feature, called Moxtra Meet, allows those you invite to view pages in the binder from any browser within a real-time web meeting.

“Moxtra is a revolutionary application that helps people manage the chaos of active lifestyles and eases frustrations of fragmented communications,” says Jan Sysmans, Moxtra‘s vice president of marketing. “From homeowners who take on remodeling projects or brides planning a dream wedding, Moxtra is for anyone with a project or collection of things on which they want to collaborate with others, in a more productive way.”

The Moxtra app is now available for free from the App Store for iPad and iPhone.